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STEM in action: Matthew's Star of the Week Robot! November '16

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At John Clifford we teach children based upon the new curriculum which puts an emphasis on three areas of learning:


1)      Computer science - how computers work and how to write algorithms and solve problems to create a computer program.

2)    Information technology - how data is represented and managed on computers.

3)     Digital literacy - how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately with a large emphasis on e-safety.



At John Clifford children are taught computer science from from KS1 onwards – coding and programming both floor and screen beebots at KS1 and using Scratch at KS2.  Children learn about programming, data, algorithms and networks to develop an understanding of the principles of computer science. 


They helps them develop computational thinking and problem solving skills, on top of the more traditional ‘how to use’ DTP skills, which still remain hugely important areas of teaching.


There is also the possibility for some Y6 children to participate in a lunch time 'Code Club', run by a specialist volunteer, extending their learning to other areas of technology such as robots and other project type activities. (See above video as an example of what the children are making!)


Updated November 2016.



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