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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Foundation Stage Blog

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Welcome to the Foundation Stage blog. This is where you can see updates of what your child has been learning at school.


The foundation stage team would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and the children who joined us for our gardening morning this week. 
The outdoor area was truly a hive of activity and it was fantastic to see how hard everyone was all working together. 
The garden really has been transformed and the children had a fantastic time working through the different activities.
We planted, potted, created bird feeders and tree mobiles, dug trenches for the potatoes, painted and took part in a sunflower competition. 

Its true to say we had a very busy start to the school day! 


Photos coming soon! 



Mr Rogers paid a very special visit to the outdoor area this week. He needed some children to help him with some hammering! The children were more than happy to help him and really enjoyed learning how to use the tools safely. 

Mr Rogers taught the children how to hammer nails into wood and also how to use the claw head to remove nails. He proved to be a very popular visitor. 


Thank you Mr Rogers!

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The children in the Foundation Stage have really enjoyed Science Week! 

They have taken part in lots of different experiments and have been encouraged to make predictions about what might happen. 

The children have been very busy! They've explored colour mixing, senses, forces and observed chemical reactions. 
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Welcome back to school for the start of our new half term! We have started our new topic 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' Today the foiundation stage have had a surprise visit from two police officers. Andy and Dean came to visit and even bought a police van with them! 
The children spent the afternoon listening to them explain about their job, asking lots of questions, trying on their uniform and exploring the police van. 
The children really enjoyed talking to the police officers and have learnt lots about their jobs.


We have now been back at school for two weeks following the winter break and the children have settled back into routine well. We have welcomed some new members to the Foundation Stage and we welcome both them and their families and hope that they will enjoy their learning journey here at John Clifford.

This half term we are exploring the topic of ''What's your favourite Julia Donaldson book?".
So far we have shared the stories; The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child and The Everywhere Bear.


The children have had a very busy fortnight! They have baked (and enjoyed!) Gruffalo crumble, created characters using play-doh, written character descriptions, drew pictures of themselves, shared ideas of where they would take Everywhere Bear on an adventure, explored the outdoor area collecting and comparing sticks, created logpile houses' and enjoyed learning through the different activities we have in the classroom! Phew! 

The Busy Bees have also been making the most of our outdoor area. On Wednesday they braved the cold winds and used paint rollers to give the floor a makeover! They had a great time painting different shapes on the floor, creating different patterns and sharing the resources. 
They almost had as much fun, if not more, cleaning up after ourselves with soapy water and brushes.

It's has been lovely being back and school and we have all really enjoyed hearing your news form the break. 



Last week we enjoyed learning about the celebration of 'Birthdays'.
We designed cakes and described them, created wrapping paper using repeated patterns, held a birthday party, created birthday cards, wrote a list for party food and baked birthday cupcakes. 


In the Busy Bee class the children held a birthday party for Puzzle (our maths owl) who turned four on Friday. We baked cupcakes, decorated them with four Smarties and ate them at the party. 



In the Busy Bee class this week we have been reading the story 'Handa's Surprise'. Whilst we were reading the story, we asked lots of questions about some of the unusual fruits that Handa put in her surprise basket. 
On Tuesday we tried some of the fruits. We had: Mango, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, avocado and orange. The spiky pineapple and soft, juicy mango were our favourites!  




The children have had a very exciting first few weeks at school.

They have made new friends and are getting used to routines and expectations. The children have enjoyed learning about African animals and exploring story books in class. We have been reading lots of different stories based on Africa. 


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Picture 4

During Autumn 1 we will be learning about African animals.

Below is a slideshow of some African animals, do you know their names?
If you know any exciting facts about any of the animals make sure you tell one of your teachers!