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John Clifford Curriculum 2016 - 17

John Clifford School Curriculum 2016 – 17


We are very confident that this academic year will prove to be an engaging and exciting one for all concerned at John Clifford!  With the government setting out what we have to teach through the National Curriculum (see attachment below) and Development Matters in the Early Years, the teaching staff have spent the recent inset days planning how to teach it in an interesting, inspiring and informative way.


So what’s new?

This year we are developing a number of exciting new elements.  These are greater Community and Parental Involvement, the introduction of our Outdoor Classroom programme, an International focus and a new STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).  If you include our plans to organise trips that will both inspire and invigorate our projects, then you will begin to see why we are excited about the year ahead.  Please see overleaf for more details on these initiatives.


What does this mean for your child?

We want children to come to school excited and intrigued about the day ahead.  This new personalised curriculum will allow us to deliver the challenging academic demands set by the government in a way that is accessible for all children.  All of the taught subjects will be linked to a particular half-termly project that will enhance the learning experience and allow your child to put them into context.


We are committed to ensuring every child at John Clifford is given the opportunity to excel both academically and personally and initiatives like STEM will begin to equip children with the skills for the future.


How can you get involved?

Are you able to give us any of your time to share your knowledge, skills or experience?

Perhaps you have a particular skill in the garden or kitchen? Perhaps you are a DIY expert?  Maybe you have a passion for the Romans or Native American Indians?  Such is the diversity of our plans for the year we are confident that you could play a part, big or small, in helping us inspire the children of John Clifford School.


What do you do next?

Visit the class pages or review the long term project map below to find out what your child’s year group are doing this half term and beyond.  Alternatively speak with your child’s class teacher or any member of staff as we would love to see how you can get involved in our exciting year.

Should you require any further information or support regarding the curriculum then please contact us at or alternatively call in and speak with a member of staff.

Curriculum Model 2016 - 17

Primary National Curriculum by year group coverage

Foundation Stage

If your child has recently begun their school career in our Foundation Unit then the attached link below is useful in understanding their goals and targets.


The National Curriculum

Please follow the attached link to view the new national curriculum.


The New Curriculum- a parents' guide

New Assessment Guidelines- Parents' Meeting 5.3.15

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