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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Junior Librarian

Here is the weblink for our new computerised Library sytem. It will show you all of the books that we have in stock. Children can search, discover and review books in our library. Have a look – the children have been very excited about the new system!


Clicking here, children will be access the JC homepage on the Junior Librarian system.                                       


Junior Librarian- some guidance notes


Welcome to Junior Librarian!


You can now enquire, discover and review books that we have in our school library, from any computer in school or at home! By following some simple steps, you can access and search the school database, leave reviews for other children and keep track of your reading- all in a fun, easy to use way!


How to do it:


Click on the link (above).The JC Junior Librarian page will open- click on ‘Enquire’ to find out about books we have in our library, ‘Review’ to leave comments about a book you have read. If you want to review a book, you’ll need your barcode/user number, of course!




Remember: the ‘Log in’ button  and  the ‘Circulate’ button are only for librarians to use for issuing books.


More guidance notes to follow!


Mr Gooch.