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Kaleidoscope In Action Breakfast and After School Care


At John Clifford School we are delighted to offer Breakfast and After School Care, which is available Monday to Friday during term-time. Our Breakfast club runs from 7.45am till 8.45am at £5 per session. Our After School Club runs straight after school till 6pm at £4 per hour. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis and we ask that payments are made as soon as possible once you have received this invoice. We are encouraging more parents to have their invoices e-mailed to save on printing so please consider this as an option and alternative to a paper copy.


KIA is run by Kevin Osborne and his team; and they all work closely with us at John Clifford School. If you have any questions about the care in which we offer please feel free to contact Kevin on 07557453806 or at He will be happy to answer any questions which you may have.


At KIA John Clifford we provide many opportunities for children of all ages to develop new relationships with others as well as areas of independence, through helping out during snack time or even helping out with the younger children. We also offer all children opportunities to be creative through our Arts and Crafts activities, which are offered on a daily basis. Most importantly at KIA John Clifford we are able to support children with their Homework or Reading. We feel that this is important in supporting your children's learning and development.    


We hope that the care in which we offer will provide further help and support for hard working parents before and after school. If you would like more information or would like to book your child into our club then please contact the team on 07736592718 or contact us via e-mail at You can also visit KIAs website at to see photos and information of what is offered at our club. Before booking your child into our club you will need to complete a registration form and we ask for £5.00 which will cover your child for their whole school life at John Clifford School.


At the bottom of this page you can find some documents which you can read and download! You can also find pictures which show the fun activities in which the children are able to access at our club!


Thank You!


KIA Staff

KIA Staff 1 Mrs Karen Wade - Manager
KIA Staff 2 Janette Bernitez - Creative Leader
KIA Staff 3 Cherry - Childcare Assistant

Miss Rebecca Harby - Childcare Assistant

Have a look at what our children have to say about our Breakfast and After School Clubs!


What we like about KIA JC Breakfast Club:


  • I like how we get to choose a variety of breakfast’s because it’s better to have different things and not the same every day. (Lara Aged 9)
  • I like having lots of breakfast because it fills me up so I am not hungry. (Evie Aged 5)

  • I like the juice’s which we get because I like Apple juice and Orange juice lots. (Kacey Aged 8)

  •  I like bananas because I am a Monkey. (Tyler Aged 4)

  •  I like the way that breakfast is served because you can choose what you want. (Evie Aged 8)

  • I like Breakfast Club because I do lots of drawings. (Baljinder Aged 6)

What we like about KIA JC After School Club:


  • I like doing the colouring in sheets because it’s my favourite thing to do. (Kamran Aged 7)
  • I like that we get to play because I get to play with my best friend Baljinder. (Shay Aged 6)
  • I like making pizza’s because it allows us to make our own. (Montanna Aged 9)
  • The reason I like coming is because I just like coming! (Ivan Aged 6)

  • I like that we get biscuits because we get them every day. My favourite is Bourbons. (Olivia Aged 5)
  • I like washing up because I get a sweetie. (Matilda Aged 5)​
  • I like to come to after school club as it fills me up because we get lots of different snacks. My favourite is ham/cheese wraps. (Theo Aged 7)
At the After School Club the children have began baking with the staff. We are trying many new recipes with the children including the most simple recipe of Fruit Kebabs which encourages the children to try new fruits. The children (boys and girls) are really enjoying these sessions with staff as it is something new, something different and encourages them to try new things whilst developing new skills. Please see below for pictures of the children in action.

Art and Craft at KIA John Clifford

Below are some documents for you to read and download:


Document 1

Letter of Welcome


Document 2

Key Information


Document 3

Enrolment form


Document 4

Permission form


Document 5

Administrating Medicine

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