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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Reading at John Clifford Primary and Nursery School


Home School Agreement


At John Clifford Primary and Nursery School, we ask that you read with your child three times a week to support them and allow them to develop their ever growing skills.


Reading Targets


Your child will bring home their reading diary and a reading book to share with you. As your child progresses through their reading journey, they will have reading targets placed in their diary which can help you to prompt and praise them as they read to you. 


Early Years Foundation Stage


Reading is an integral part of children's education and it is taught through a range of forms in the Early Years. Your children will bring home a reading book along with their reading diary and you can share their achievements with us by writing in their diary. Children learn many skills in these important years, including how to handle books, read from left to right and use the pictures to provide clues and context. Children benefit from daily phonics sessions as well as 1:1 reading and guided reading sessions. Teachers also model effective reading strategies during daily story time sessions and children access shared reading sessions where they are encouraged to use these methods themselves.


Key Stage One


Children will continue their reading journey with daily phonics sessions, 1:1 reading and guided reading sessions, which may occur twice weekly. Children will change their books regularly so that they can practice their growing skills using a range of text types. Your child will benefit from reading being taught throughout their curriculum and English lessons will provide exciting opportunities for looking at and sharing new texts. During this stage, the children will be developing their understanding of the texts they read and you will be able to support them in this task by using their reading targets. Teachers will model effective reading strategies and allow children to develop these through shared reading opportunities.


Key Stage Two


Children will continue to read on a 1:1 basis where their own skills will be strengthened through precise teaching. They will also continue to benefit from guided reading sessions and a holistic approach to reading where all subjects will allow opportunities for reading skills to be further developed. Children will continue to build their comprehension of a range of texts and they will be able to think about the reasons why characters may behave as they do and make links between their own experiences and those described in the texts. Please look at your child's reading targets in the front of their diary for ideas about how you can support their reading journey at home.