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Planning for Improvement 2016-2017


The School Improvement Plan (SIP) has been co-constructed by a wide team of governors, senior leaders and staff.  Small teams have worked with knowledge about the school and children to identify priorities for this year and beyond. Whole school monitoring mechanisms have supported our understanding alongside external feedback and government agendas. Within the SIP, the following priorities have been identified:


Priority 1: Effectiveness of Leadership and Management


To engender greater opportunities for learning and development for all learners.

1.1 To extend the programme of CPD for senior and middle leaders (inc. subject leaders).   

1.2 To embed rigour into the monitoring of the curriculum and engage in relevant tracking of progress.

1.3 To strengthen appraisal procedures to include TA appraisal.  1.4 To explore succession planning for SLT and governors. 

Priority 2: Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


To increase working together within teaching, learning and assessment.

2.1 To establish an effective programme of transition throughout the school and within the family of schools.

2.2 To establish an effective way of tracking children.

2.3 To innovate and implement assessment and feedback practices across the school.

2.4 To set challenging out of school activities that enhance school based learning.

Priority 3: Personal development, behaviour and welfare


To maintain and enhance the very high standards of personal development, behaviour and welfare.

3.1 To enhance the teaching of RE and establish a faith council to support all learners within the curriculum.

3.2 To support the development of thoughtful, caring and active citizens.

3.3 To develop confident and self-assured learners.

Priority 4: Outcomes for Pupils


To provide positive outcomes for all children.

4.1 To improve spelling, handwriting and vocabulary development across the school.

4.2 To raise the percentage of children at ARE in reading in Year 5 from 35% to 69% (internal target).

4.3 To improve outcomes for pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium and close identified gaps in reading, writing and mathematics.

4.4 To consider the bespoke needs of the children identified as SEND and devise assessment that will contribute to outcomes.

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