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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Alan Turing

Important People in the War - Alan Turing

There were many people who were influential in the war, and did or created things that we are still influenced by today. Alan Turing was a British mathematician who wasn't well known in his own life time, but was an important person in the history of computing. 


We would like you to research Alan Turing and why he was important. Think about the following: 

- Key life information (Date of birth, when did he die, where did he live, information about his family etc) 

- What was his job? 

- Why was he important? What did he invent?

- How did he help the war? 

- Can you find out any other interesting facts about him? 


Presenting your research

You can present your information in any way you wish - there are some ideas below to get you started, but you can do something else if you have a different idea you'd rather do! 


  • Create a poster or a leaflet 
  • Create a timeline of Alan Turing's life
  • Record yourself sharing the information on a video and send it to us to watch


You can also simply write a paragraph from the notes you take - that's perfectly fine too! Whatever it is you do though, we'd love to see it, so please share on the class blogs



Research Resources

You will find some links and resources below to help you get started, but as always, there are plenty of other sources of information online! 


Think back to your note taking skills from our English lessons - remember, you don't need to copy every word down, just the important ones.

Alan Turing - History Who's Who

How did Alan Turing help to shorten World War II by up to two years and help save fourteen million lives? Find out here!

Alan Turing | Pop'n'Olly | Olly Pike