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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Continuous Provision Activities

Continuous Provision.


When we are at school, we plan in lots of additional task for you to complete in the classroom! Here you will find some of these tasks to help you to apply some of the skills we have learnt in the classroom independently. We would love to see how you've done with some of these tasks! You can share them on the class blogs or by emailing the 'Stay in Touch' email.

Numbots and TTRockstars. 


You have your log in details for Numbots and TTRockstars on the back of your communication diaries to access these really useful sites. 

Numbots helps you to apply your knowledge of the number system by playing fun games and TTRockstars supports your knowledge and recall of the times tables. There is currently a battle on TTRockstars between Maple and Oak class, lets see who can solve the most times table questions and get the highest score!



Look at the pictures below, can you think of a sentence that the characters from our story of the week are saying? Record this in a speech bubble.

Remember, what do we use in our writing to show when someone is talking? Can we use a special mark to show if someone is shouting, scared or excited? 

Look at the example below to help you.



Please find below a tricky and trickier task for missing numbers. See if you can fill in the missing numbers on the number lines. 

Design and Technology


Use some construction toys or some recycled materials to build a house for your superhero. Think about everything a house needs to be. 

- Warm 

- Waterproof

- Safe and secure to protect the Superhero from Villians


Look at the examples below for some inspiration



Can you be a superhero? 

Here is a yoga session of superhero poses. Can you become a superhero? Practise using one of your five senses in the listening game at the end!