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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’




At John Clifford School we take e-safety very seriously. Using computers and technology is an increasingly important skill and understanding how to do so safely is a vital part of everybody's education: children, parents and staff alike.


Whenever new advances occur , information and advice will be offered via these pages to help support your child's education and perhaps provide parents with some useful information that you didn't know already!


Whilst we see every day as being 'Safe Internet Day', we also celebrate the national Safer Internet Day in February too. This coming year, it will occur on Tuesday 5th February 2019. This time, the theme will be ' Together for a better internet'. As in previous years, we shall be studying this in more detail in Computing lessons and also discussing it in classes too.


Why not think ahead and look at the website with your children?


Mr Gooch.


Updated Nov '18

How do we teach e-safety at JC?


One important way of ensuring all our children understand the importance of e-safety issues is by means of a regular e-safety assembly. Usually KS2 have an e-safety assembly on a regular basis on a Tuesday morning, whilst KS1 have theirs on a Thursday morning, approximately every 2 or 3 weeks.


During these times, generic issues are explored as well as recent updates and discussion of topical issues that may have been in the news.


Furthermore, specific lessons are built into the Computing curriculum where all children from KS1 upwards will be directly taught skills and content relevant to their age group.


In addition, all children throughout school will occasionally use 'PSHE/Thinking Time' sessions to discuss particular problems such as cyber-bullying.


Updated June '18

Useful resources


One of the main teaching resources we use at school is a website called 'Thinkuknow'. It contains a wealth of age appropriate materials, ranging from cartoons and videos for KS1 children to written information, games and activities for KS2 children. There is also an 11-13 section for those parents with older children.


Please feel free to investigate the appropriate section of this website with your children- this will help reinforce the teaching that we do at school.


You can find the website at:

Extra resources worth investigating


There are a number of particulary good websites available for helping understand e-safety issues.


Some of the best ones are: (Particularly good for explaining all those tricky e-safety/technical/jargon words and concepts!)


To further reinforce privacy issues online, there is also this excellent resource that can be used to help understand privacy settings and requirements:

Safer Internet Day 2018


Tuesday February 6th 2018 was designated annual Safer Internet Day. Lots of information can be found about this at:


At John Clifford School we think every day should be 'Safe Internet Day', however! We try and use the principles of safe internet usage in everything that we do online. We discuss E-safety lots in lessons and regular assemblies and the children have a good understanding of what is required to keep safe. 


This means we can use the internet for fun and learning all year long in a safe, controlled, sensible manner.


Every day is Safe Internet Day at John Clifford!


Mr Gooch