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Monday 12th October 2020


WALA: Key Features of Fact Files


Good morning Year 4! 


This week in English, we will be writing our own fact files about the county you researched for your last Topic lesson, in a similar style to the one about Northamptonshire that you looked at last week. 


First though, we need to have  a look at some fact files and see if we can identify the key features, so we know what we need to include in our own. 


Go through the PDF below to help you identify the key features, and then have a go at labelling the Northamptonshire Fact File with the features you have learnt about. 

As always, share your work by getting your grown up to email us at or post on the class blogs! smiley


Who's going to get a Gold Card for English today? 

  If you usually work with Mr Watkinson or Mrs Howell-Thomas, you will be creating a fact file about a topic of your choice this week, such as an animal. Work through the PDF below and then have a go at identifying the key features (parts) of the Giraffe fact file below.