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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’



WC 13.07.2020


As we’re getting ready for the Summer Break, we’d like you to think about what you would like your new teacher to know about you. You will all receive a letter this week which includes your report and information about your new class and your new teacher for next year. Normally we would be having a transition week this week but things are still a bit different at the moment. However, we don’t want you to worry, we have plans in place for September to help us all settle back into school comfortably and get to know our new classes.


You will all have seen your new teacher around school and will know who they are, but they might not know a lot about all of you so now is your chance to tell them what you want them to know.


Task 1:

It’s a good idea to plan your letter before you write it. Below are some headings for your paragraphs, make notes under each heading so that you know what to include.


An interesting fact about me


What I’m good at


What I want to get better at


In my spare time I like to


My favourite things to do at school are


My hopes for next year are


Write some notes under each of these headings to help structure your letter.



Task 2: 

Now it's time to draft your letter. Watch the video below to support your in planning the layout of your letter.

Then, draft your letter, using your headings and notes to write your paragraphs.

REMEMBER- You don’t need to write the headings, they were just for planning.


Letter Writing for Kids

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Task 3:

Next, you need to read through your draft and make any improvements and edit any mistakes. We do this in purple pen at school, why not use a different coloured pen or pencil so your changes stand out? Don’t forget to check your punctuation and grammar and make sure you’ve used lots of interesting vocabulary.


Task 4:

Now it’s time to write your letter up in neat. You can do this in your homework books, on a smart piece of paper or, if you have a printer, you could use one of the letter templates below. Don’t forget to use your smartest handwriting!

Task 5: 

Upload your letter onto the blog or email to us at and we’ll make sure your new teacher gets to see it. You could even post your letter to school addressed to your new teacher if you wanted to!