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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


WALT: Write a persuasive argument


To write a good persuasive argument, there are lots of things you need to think about. We shall be looking today and tomorrow at some of these. First of all though, we need to return to the reading activities from this week. Think about all the different viewpoints that you have read about the Aswan Dam.


On a sheet of paper, or on your laptop if you have one, can you please make two columns. Label them 'Positives/Negatives' and under each sub-heading can you please try and think about what ideas fit in each. Write down as many as you can.


Positives Negatives




     90,000 people lost their homes

Brought new hydro-electric power to Egypt


Once you have done this activity, if you have time you can start drafting some sentences to show a particular viewpoint. We shall use these as part of a discussion or debate in class.


HARD: Choose a particular viewpoint (for or against the game, from your positives or negatives sheet)

Can you write at least three ideas to support your viewpoint? Here are some to help and guide you.


For example: 


I think that building the dam was a really bad thing because...

A second reason that I am against it is....

Futhermore, I think it was bad because....



HARDER: Write a whole paragraph to include as many ideas as you can as to why it was a bad thing or a good thing. Really try and make us feel your viewpoint and explain your ideas in as much detail as possible. Use the sentence starters as guides, but feel free to develop your own.



DD: Using this following paragraph as a guide, could you really express a viewpoint, for or against, in the strongest possible way. This would be helpful in a debate. Really try and get into the mind of the person you are talking about and use emotive language to persuade the reader or listener.


It was a devastating thing when the dam was built. Thousands of poor animals will have lost their habitats or even their lives because of this terrible construction. I am completely against it because of the disgusting environmental impact it will have, destroying the native population's homes and livelihoods.