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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Reading- Summer Term 1

Kensuke's Kingdom w/c 18th May

Chapters 9 & 10

Please visit the Reading section to get this week's chapters of the book. You will need to have listened these to know what to write in your written work.


Writing WALT: write a TV news report about a major event from Kensuke's Kingdom.


This week, it is all about the end.


Listen to the final two chapters and then can you begin to think about what you did last week? You wrote a newspaper report. How did you find it? This week, you will need what you remember from last week to now plan and write and hopefully perform a TV news report. It would be wonderful if you could video these and pop them onto the class page of the class blog. Calling all brave TV news reporters.


Mr G and Mr P



Watch Newsround for inspiration

Watch Newsround for inspiration 1


Can you write a TV news report sharing how Michael was lost and then found AND reunited with his parents?


Use the TV News Report sheets below and plan and then write what you would say in front of a camera.


For some extra help and advice, click onto this web page, scroll down and watch the two videos.


Huw Edwards had some great advice. Remember be Clear, Concise and Correct.


Here are you planning and writing templates.


REMEMBER, record your report and pop it onto the class blog.

Planning and writing a TV Report

Kensuke's Kingdom

Archive Chapters


Chapter 8


Chapter 7


Chapter 6


Chapter 5


Post some of your entries onto the Year 5 blog. Mr G and myself would love to read them.


Chapter 4


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3 (but don't email the teacher wink)


Mr P 11.5.20


Mrs Bailey & Adcock's Group

WALT: write and make a TV news report of your choice

Take a look at the latest episode of NEWSROUND. Watch it and then can you write your own TV report about a news article that really stuck out for you? OR MAKE ONE UP. CAN YOU THEN VIDEO IT AND PUT IT ONTO OUR CLASS BLOG?


Word bank

Here is a word bank to help you create your sentences



Continue playing this seeing as I know you like it.


Choose a level.

  1. Primary Star = Easy
  2. Rising Star = Medium
  3. Super Star = Challenging


Once you have chosen a level, work through the spelling games and jot down any spellings you'd like to use for your writing task. Build up your own Word Bank, like we do in our Year 5 lessons.


Remember, we'd like you to have a go at writing about your own TV news report. You could write a TV report about what your favourite player did in a game or how your favourite team won a game against a rival. Or, you could tell a story about a local event. Whatever you want, BUT aim to write as many sentences. as you can.


When you have finished, post them onto our Year 5 class blog. We'd love to see and hear them.


Mr P 18/5/20

New SPaG Activity - Tenses 

WALT: Use Past Perfect Form


This week, we continue our new theme, Past Perfect Form. 


Take a look at this YouTube video to remind yourself of it before having a good go at the worksheets.


The Past Perfect Form help video


Remember, you should be able to print out your worksheets OR just copy the sentence or question's answer into your Home Books


Mr P 11.5.20

SPaG - Varied Fluency - ALL Past Perfect Form sheets (including answers) . Choose your ability

SPaG - Application & Reasoning - ALL Past Perfect Form sheets (including answers). Choose your ability



There are lots of ways of practising key spellings. We shall add some ideas and exercises below for you to try.


Try these free games to practise spelling all the key words needed:

New Year 5 and 6 Spellings Word Searches

Here are a collection of word searches for you to print out and have a go at to help you master your Year 5 and 6 spellings: