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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Equality at John Clifford School


At John Clifford, we ensure that equality runs through the heart of everything we do. We are extremely fortunate to work within such a diverse community of adults and children. We are developing our curriculum to ensure that all of the children have the greatest opportunities possible to learn about the wider world around them.


We have a single equality policy (see underneath) that underpins our work with all members of the school community. This policy contains a breakdown of our school's protected characteristics and the key objectives that  we have prioritised for the next three years (see page 14-16).
Any incidences of prejudice, hate or bullying is recorded in school and reported to governors and the local authority. It is also reported on in the termly Headteacher report.

John Clifford Single Equality Policy

'Dreams of Freedom'


During our transition days in July, each class took some time to reflect upon the word 'freedom'. Using the text 'Dreams of Freedom in Pictures and Words', the children discussed what the word freedom meant to them, reviewed new vocabulary and had the opportunity to challenge things that they considered to oppose freedom. 


Each class produced their own 'Freedom to...' display which you can see as you walk around our school. Some examples of the beautiful artwork can be seen below:



Equality through Art


In Year 5, the children used the theme of 'equality and inequality' to create some inspiring artwork.