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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


John Clifford Assessment System


Early Years

Assessment during the Early Years Foundation Stage (F2/Reception) follows the ‘Ages and Stages’ that are an integral part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each child is assessed using evidence that is observed in school alongside information from parents and carers. All children starting F2/full time school will be assessed on a nationally approved Baseline Test. We have used the Early Excellence Baseline assessment along with other schools in our family. All of this information is used to make a judgement of an individual child’s development across the 17 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This information is regularly discussed with parents so that they are aware if their child is working at, above or below national age related expectations and how home and school can work together to support their child in the next stage of their development. Details of national age related expectations starts full time school and at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage are available below.


We expect that all children who are working at or above national age related expectations will continue to make good progress and remain at this level with some children who were at national age related expectations starting to work above national age related expectations. Children who are working below national age related expectations will also have their progress monitored carefully. Many of these children will be expected to reach national age related expectations in all or some of these 17 areas. Children with special educational needs will have their progress and attainment discussed in greater detail at their termly reviews involving parents/carers, class teacher, special educational needs co-ordinator and other professionals working with them.


Assessment judgements for all year groups in the Early Years foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are regularly moderated within school and with staff from other local primary schools to ensure their accuracy.