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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Faith Council

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Collective Worship


I think it is still a very important activity to continue practising Collective Worship or a time of reflection while we are away from school.


So to help, I have come up with a simple acronym prayer or reflection to help you think about or hope for, the many different people and places that are affected by what is happening in the world. It even includes a time to think about ourselves.


The acronym is based on our JC PROMISES, with each letter encouraging you to reflect or pray about something different.


J - stands for John Clifford School. Here think about our school. You could have a thought of thanks for the teachers still at school as key workers OR have a heart of hope for when this is all over and we can come back to school safe  and well


C - stands for Community. Who in our community could we remember? Maybe HOPE cafe?


P - stands for People who are important to you. This could be your family and friends.


R - stands for Round the World. There are many people around the world struggling  or like us, having their lives changed. Maybe you could think of some places that really need extra help or who need an extra positive thought or prayer right now.


O - stands for On my street. Are there people on your street that you could think about? Maybe an elderly person who needs a positive thought or prayer. It is always good to think of others at this time.


M - stands for Myself. This means YOU. What do you need or want right now? What could you be thankful or hopeful for?


I - stands for In need or In Isolation. Do you know of anyone who really needs something? It could be anything that would make their life better. This could be a good heart of hope moment. Or, do you know of anyone who is in isolation? Maybe have a positive thought or prayer for them. If you don't know of anybody, this could be a time to remember EVERYONE in isolation right now who might be worried.


S - stands for Supermarkets. Here, you could have a pause on purpose to think of all the people working in supermarkets or who deliver groceries around the country. They, like all key workers, do a great job. It could also be a time to be thankful for food and food parcels that people receive.


E - stands for the Emergency Services. This includes our wonderful NHS workers, the Police and Fire services. What a great thought of thanks this one is. It could also be a time to hope for all that these people need to do their jobs properly, effectively and safely.


S - stands for the Sick. This doesn't just mean those unwell with coronavirus but also anybody known to you who might be sick with something else too. This is a good opportunity to have a huge heart of hope for them.


I hope this helps you to think about people you don't know that well, your family and friends, the important people helping us through what it is we are ALL going through and yourself.


I will be thinking of you All during my reflective prayerful times.


Mr P




Collective Worship can be called many things. We call it 'Together Time', 'Thinking Time' as well as Collective Worship.


The Faith Council came up with the visuals that the whole school uses at Collective Worship times. Each assembly should have a Collective Worship theme that reflects something relevant about our world or community, using the Nottinghamshire SACRE Collective Worship best practise guidelines, and will invite all children and staff, irrespective of religious or non-religious background, to join in.


These are the 6 gestures that might encourage everybody's participation. Our school is very good at using them and the Faith Council are at hand to share and explain them should anyone require that.


Sharing ourselves

Serving each other

Succeeding together