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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Family Fun Challenge

Family Fun Challenge


Welcome to the ‘Family Fun Challenge’.


Each week I will set you a new family fun challenge to complete at home.

The aim of these challenges is to improve your co-operation skills and most of all to have fun with each other!


You will need 2 or more people from your family so try to get everyone involved and remember to smile and laugh through each challenge!


I’m really hoping to see some family fun blogs about these challenges!


W/c 13th July

Family Fun Challenge 5: Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Still image for this video


Go With The Flow Activity

  • Place two containers either side of the space that you are playing in.
  • One of the containers will be empty, and the other filled with an item(s) i.e. water, paper balls or lego.
  • Starting at the same side as the full container, your challenge is to transfer your items across into the empty container. Try not to drop or spill the items.
  • Your hands can’t touch the items that you are transporting so you need to use large spoons as in the picture above or small containers.
  • Either compete against other members of your family to transfer the items in the quickest time.
  • Or join together to make one family relay team, taking it in turns to transfer the objects and practising to beat your family personal best time.


  • Two containers to put the items in.
  • Items to transport (see suggestions below).
  • Get creative with the items you use, but ask an adult first
  • Some item suggestions:

Inside the house – e.g. small balls, beads, lego.

Outside – e.g. water, sand, soil, leaves, twigs

Make It Easier

  • Move the containers closer, i.e. next to each other
  • Use less items to transport


  • Create obstacles on your path that you might need to go over, under or around.
  • Give yourself a time challenge - set a timer for 2 minutes and see how many items you can transport in that time.

Make It Inclusive

  • Choose lighter/bigger items to transport.
  • Find creative ways of moving them from one side of your body to the other


Cross The River

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W/c 6th July

Family Fun Challenge 4: Cross The River


 2-6 People

Stepping stones made from household objects e.g. plastic bags, card board, paper plates.


Game Description

1. The aim of the game is to safely move all members of the family across the river without falling in the water, using the household objects as stepping stones.  

2. The family should select the same number of stepping stones as the number of people in the game plus one more. For example, if 6 people are playing the game, select 7 household objects to act as stepping stones.

3. The family stand on one side of the garden, living room or park and using only their stepping stones move all members of the family to the other side. (If in the park, set out a start and finish line using household objects e.g. string)

4. If one member of the team falls in the water you have to start again.

5. Record the time it takes you to move across the water and repeat the game to beat your personal best time as a family.



1. Take away one of the stepping stones and work as a team to move the family safely across the water without falling in.


Hint: You will need to share stepping stones to move the back stone forward. How can you hold each other safely?


2. Blindfold one member of the team and repeat the game to test your communication skills as a family.



The Iceberg

Still image for this video

w/c 29th June

Family Fun Challenge 3: Iceberg



 2-6 People

Large sheet (e.g. old bed sheet, tablecloth)


Game Description: 

1. Teams lay their sheet out on the floor.
2. Teams must all stand on their sheet and no player may touch the area outside their sheet.

3. Teams then get off of their sheet and fold it in half.
4. The team continues this process as their sheet gets smaller and smaller with each fold (like an Iceberg that is melting).

5. Now play the game again but this time you have to stay on the sheet while it’s being folded each time.

6. Lastly, you can try blindfolding one member of the team to repeat the game. Then blindfold another member until only one member of the team isn’t blindfolded.


Discussion Questions

How was communication a challenge in this game?
How did having one or more blindfolded players on your team affect your communication?

Back To Back Challenge

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w/c 22nd June

Family Fun Challenge 2: Back-To-Back





Game Description: 

Back-to-Back is a relationship building trust game.

Partners stand back-to-back and work together to try to get into a seated position without using their hands. Once seated, they try to get back up.


Then move onto a bigger group and really watch the fun begin! So try to get the whole family involved at home!

  1. Partners stand back-to-back. On signal, they work together to sit down, without using hands. Then stand back up, without using hands.
  2. Move to adding one more person from your family and try the same thing (not as easy)!
  3. Keep adding more people until all the family are involved!

If your family is 2 people try different movements, for example balancing on one leg while in the squat position or travelling.

Pass It On Challenge

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w/c 15th June

Family Fun Challenge 1: Pass It On



Equipment: various non-breakable items found at home

(toys, teddies, plastic containers, ball, racket, cushion, shoe etc)

Game Description: This is a fun team-building game that requires co-operation. Players will work together to pass objects to each other to successfully move all objects from one end to the other in the quickest time. There’s a catch though…players must all lie down on their backs and pass only with their feet.


  1. This game can be played with 2 or more people in your family. Try to get the whole family involved!
  2. Players lie down on their backs and form a line, head to toe.
  3. The equipment is placed at the foot of the first person in line. You could put the random objects in a box/hula hoop or simply on the floor, ready to be moved along the line.
  4. Place another box/hula hoop at the head of the last person in line to act as a collection bin or simply place on the floor.
  5. On the signal, players work together to successfully pass all of their objects from one end to the other by only using their feet.
  6. Play as many times as desired to achieve your quickest time.
  7. You could make it harder by playing in silence so only non-verbal communication can be used and you could introduce the rule that if the object is dropped, it has to go back to the first person.
  8. Finally, try changing the game so that the last person in the line has to run to the front after each object is successfully passed to the end.


Enjoy and don’t forget to laugh and giggle!