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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’




PE with Joe Hicks


Try to join Joe every weekday for your daily dose of fitness or alternative do some activity in.


You can choose any lesson.



Focus: Fossils and Animals over Time


What is the Theory of Evolution?

In today’s lesson we look at Darwin’s observations from his trip on the HMS Beagle. We will then put all his observations together to see how Darwin came up with his theory. His theory is called evolution. We will apply this new knowledge to two other examples of evolution, mice and giraffes.

MFL: Spanish


El alfabeto y los números

In this lesson we are going to learn about where Spanish is spoken in the world and we are going to learn the Spanish alphabet as well as numbers 1-10. You will need some paper and a pen or pencil for this lesson.



Focus: World War II

Review & Revsion


What caused the First World War to break out?

In today's lesson, we will be learning about the events leading up to the First World War. This will involve understanding the unification of Germany in the nineteenth century, and taking a look at the MAIN factors which set the conditions for the Great War: militarism, imperialism, alliances and nationalism.




Texture Treasure Hunt

In this lesson we will create a frottage patchwork from rubbings of textured objects which you find around your home. You will need a pencil and paper.