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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Foundation subjects

Art 9.10.20


As we are unable to carry on working on our DT models with school being closed, we've decided to bring forward November's art project.  Have a go at some amazing optical illusions art and do send us your pictures!

How to Draw an Impossible Triangle in a Very Simple Way

Learn a simple way to draw the Impossible Triangle narrated in a very simple way. WATCH NEXT: FULL NARRATED VERSION: The Penrose...

History - Thursday 8th October 2020


This lesson builds on our work about the slave trade and the British Empire.  There is quite a lot of work to complete during this lesson as it would normally take an entire morning during our Topic lesson. 


Read through the PPT and complete the tasks and please share any work you have done with me at


Science Thursday 8th October 2020


Hi Ospreys, please find below the science work for today.  There is quite a lot of work to complete during this lesson as, had we been in school, you would have been doing science for an entire afternoon!  


The session starts with a reading comprehension and then the slides guide you through planning and carrying out an investigation into the effect of exercise on the body.  Have fun and please post any work you have completed to

Ospreys RE: 7.10.20


Here is the presentation for today's work in RE including some notes about how you may want to carry it out at home.