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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Welcome to Foundation Stage 2019-2020



Foundation Phase Leader Miss Draycott

Ladybird Class (F2) - Miss Draycott, Mr Barber, Miss King, Mrs Thompson

Butterfly Class (F2) - Mrs Gunn, Mrs McGrath and Miss Birch

Busy Bee Class (F1) - Mrs Davis, Miss Langham, Miss Wilson, Mrs Hydes

Other Staff - Mrs Finch, Mrs Hawker and Mrs Marshall



Outdoor Learning


Butterflies: Monday mornings
Please send your child to school wearing their outdoor learning clothes and bring their uniform in a named bag.


Ladybirds: Monday afternoons

Please bring your child's outdoor learning clothes in a named bag.


Your child will need a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, wellies and warm clothing.

All About Me

This half term our topic is focussed around All About Me! We will be learning all about ourselves and the other children in the Foundation Stage. We will  also be discussing our similarities and differences. Throughout the half term, we will be exploring our feelings and emotions and linking these to different Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development
We will be talking about our feelings and discussing how we show our emotions. We will also describe the different things that make us feel happy, excited, worried and angry. Throughout the term, we will be learning the different rules and expectations within the school and our classrooms and the children will be introduced to our 'Good to be Green' behaviour policy.

Communication and Language
Children will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of stories and to practice their speaking and listening skills in whole class carpet sessions. We will take part in circle times, discussing what the children have been learning and what they have enjoyed the most that week. Children will also be able to ‘Show and Tell’ something that they have done at home or brought from home. We would love to see photographs of any activities or days out that you have been on over the summer!

Physical Development
We will be developing our fine motor skills in preparation for writing through the use of play dough, scissors, threading, tweezers and Dough Disco. We will also begin PE lessons with a focus on dancing and getting ourselves changed independently. Children will be introduced to our Brushing Buddies scheme.

Children will have opportunities to mark make, draw and write using their own imagination and also through activities linked to our topic. Children will be learning about rhyming words and alliteration. We will also be listening to words carefully in order to hear initial and end sounds. Children will be given their own reading book and reading diary to take home.

We will begin the term by focussing on a solid understanding of numbers through a 'number of the day'. Children will explore this number in detail by looking at the numeral, showing the number on their fingers, drawing and painting the number, counting the number in objects and finding one more and one less than that number.

Understanding the World
Children will have the opportunity to think and talk about their families, homes, likes and dislikes. Children will then compare these with others within the class and together we will discuss our similarities and differences. We will look at a world map and locate the countries that we and our friends are from. 

Expressive Arts and Design
We will be experimenting with moving in different ways in response to a variety of music. We will also have the opportunity to make our own music using percussion instruments and our bodies. We will begin to look at paint and how we can use it to make new colours and different patterns and effects. 

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

Below is a link to a document explaining all that you need to know about the Early Years Foundation Stage.

If you have any further question about this important stage in your child’s educational journey please see a member of staff.

What to expect in the Foundation Stage?
Below is a document that explains what your child will be doing during their time in the unit. It also includes important information about what your child needs to bring to school. There is also a handout including useful websites and ideas for activities at home.  

British Values

Click on the link below to find out what ‘British Values’ as a theme looks like in the Foundation Stage.


This is the teaching of early reading and writing. Below is a document that explains what phonics is, how it works and what you can do at home to support your children's learning. 

Below is a video showing you why pronouncing sounds in a ‘pure’ way is the most effective method for teaching children how to read. It also briefly demonstrates blending and segmenting. At 2.10 the video also demonstrates the correct pronunciation of the phonemes.