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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Hathersage at Home W/C 15.06.20

Hathersage at Home!


So next week we would have been packing our bags and heading off on an adventure to Hathersage together but as we all know the current situation has meant that it is unfortunately not possible at the minute but we just couldn’t let it go by without marking the occasion. We wanted to be able to do a small something for you all to try and make up for (at least a little bit) us not being able to go due to the current circumstances. So today we were lucky enough to see most of your happy faces as we dropped off a little treat for you all, we hope you enjoy their contents!



There will also be a range of Hathersage inspired activities for you this week for your home learning tasks which you can find in the ‘Hathersage at Home’ tree icon on the Year 4 page. Additionally, we have set you 10 challenges that we would love you to have a go at – there will be shout outs to those who complete the most! We’d love you to photograph yourselves doing these tasks and share these with us on the blog, we’ve created a challenge task card where you can put all of your pictures to share with us in one go too.

We have also updated the regular year 4 pages in all subject areas for you to access if you need or want to. We know the Hathersage activities will require more time and support so you may want to do a mixture of both to fit in with what you and your parents have time for.


We have included a hot chocolate sachet in your goodie bags. Now these are yours and you can use them whenever you like however we thought it would be nice to share them together, like we would have done at Hathersage, one evening in the week with a story. To try and achieve this we will be setting up a Zoom meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th June.

Zoom meeting ID: 972 9023 6650

Password: 5sbNPx


Mrs Allcoat is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Hathersage at Home
Time: Jun 16, 2020 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 972 9023 6650
Password: 5sbNPx




Hathersage at Home – Challenges!


For your ‘Hathersage at Home’ week we are setting you 10 challenges. These are all linked in some way to activities that you would have been doing whilst on our residential from making the bed to going out exploring! We would like you to photograph yourself completing each challenge that you are able to and add them to the ‘My Hathersage at Home Challenges’ document below to share with us at the end of the week (you can add them to the blog as you go along too!) We’ll be giving special shout outs to those of you who complete the most! 


1) At Hathersage we would have been taking a beautiful long walk up Stanage Edge on one of the days – can you go on a long walk from your home? How far can you go? 


2) Whilst the teachers look after you, you do have to do some things for yourself whilst your away, including making your own lunch, so can you make your own lunch this week? Maybe you could have a picnic outside with it! 


3) This also involves making your own beds (I know right?!) so can you change and make your own bed this week? 


4) So the weather is going to improve just in time for our Hathersage at home week (yes!), can you set up a camp in your garden? Bonus challenge points if you decide to sleep out in it too! 


5) One of our activities would have seen us going orienteering, so can you go on your own hunt for these three local items/places: A post box, a shop and a large tree? 


6) We would also have been going pond dipping whilst we were away so can you take a photograph of the following living things: something with wings, something with 6 or more legs, something that lives in water? 


7) There would have been an opportunity to go for a night time walk whilst we were away so can you sit outside and stargaze whilst listening for all of the different animals you can hear? 


8) Building with nature. We would have spent a lot of time outdoors whilst at Hathersage so can you see what you can build with it? The more creative the better! 


9) On one of our stops whilst out walking, Claire would have got out her blindfolds to see what we could find/feel. With someone with you, can you wear a blindfold (a scarf works well!) and get them to lead you round a space where you have to guess what object they’ve led you too? 


10) We love a good hot chocolate/hot milk before bed at Hathersage, can you sit round as a family with a hot chocolate and a story before bedtime one evening? You might even want to do this with the story from school that is being uploaded on Tuesday evening. 

Hathersage linked activities for you to have a go at: