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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


The Humanities curriculum consists of History and Geography and has been adapted and changed quite significantly at John Clifford Primary, to fall in line with new statutory requirements. 
Some topics have remained the same and simply moved year groups (or indeed key stages), whilst others are completely new.  In addition to this, the topic of WWII has been removed completely from the Primary Humanities curriculum, but links to this will still be made through ‘Historical Settings’ in English and also through special days, such as Remembrance Sunday.   A sample of humanities being covered across school in the Autumn term include;

  • Local history and geography of Nottingham and Beeston.
  • Black history month
  • The history and geography of Africa and South America
  • Festivals including birthdays, Eid and Bonfire night.

To support and enhance the teaching of humanities; on site and off site workshops, special visits and school trips as well as cross-curricular links will strongly remain in place.


The 100 Year Anniversary of WW1


This November sees the world marking the centenary of the First World War (2014 to 2018).  John Clifford Primary will be introducing a whole school week long topic to remember, educate and understand the legacy that the the Great war has left.  



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