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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


WC 3.2.2020


WOW! What a busy week we have had! 

This week we have almost completed out DT project to complete a 'Funky Fruit Salad' and we have created a hypothesis to test in Science! 


In DT we have used all of the information we have found from our research about fruit salad and have made our own! We were able to remember some of the safety tips Jake the chef gave us when he came in during the Autumn term to prepare the fruits safely. We followed our plans and enjoyed eating our fruit salads. Next week we are going to evaluate them! 


In Science we have put all of our knowledge from the half term to the test! We were asked to create a hypothesis to test for our experiment. Some of our hypothesis' included:

- Will a plant grow in the fridge?

- Will a plant grow in the cupboard?

- Will a plant grow in the garden?
- Will a plant grow on the windowsill?

We planted our cress seeds and then record our hypothesis in our books. We can't wait to see the results and write about our experiments!



Today we have visited Beeston Library!

We enjoyed walking through Beeston and we listened to a story read by a member of the library team.

Then we were able to read some books and borrow some using our library cards!


Thank you very much to the adults who helped on this trip - we hope you had a great time 



Picture 1

Today we have tried lots of different fruits from our book of the week 'Handa's Suprise'. We have been researching different fruits as part of our DT project - designing a 'Funky Fruit Salad' and using adjectives to describe the fruit in our English lessons. 


We enjoyed trying different, exotic fruits and we were all shocked to find that the passionfruit was 'delicious, yummy, tasty and sweet' because we all thought it would be 'disgusting, horrible and yucky.' 




Picture 1

Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots!



You have all been given your Time Tables Rock Stars login.

They are stuck in the back of your communication diary.
Make sure that you log on using lowercase letters!

I have loaded the 10 times tables onto your accounts for you to get rocking with!



Image result for numbots

Now, you can also access Numbots through your TTRS log in. 

Numbots supports you with your knowledge of the number system, addition, subtraction and reasoning.


These can also be downloaded onto your devices through your app store.



This week we have been busy!! We kick started the week with a party to start our new topic 'Who's having a party?' We took part in lots of dancing, party games and some team games and wrote about our experience. 


On Wednesday, we had our weekly outdoor learning session where we helped Mrs Mitchell prepare some of the wood for the bonfire at our fireworks display on Thursday evening. 


On Friday, we had a visit from Martin who works at the local tennis centre. He taught us some basic skills and we all really enjoyed the session! We worked on our throwing and catching skills and learnt how to control a tennis ball using the racquet.


Picture 1
Picture 2


Thank you to all of the parents who attended the recent parents evenings. It was great to talk about how your children have settled into year one and to discuss their progress on their targets set at the end of last academic year.


If you missed your appointment then please contact the office to rearrange. 


Thank you, 

Miss Garforth



Today we have been very lucky to have experienced a cooking lesson from a chef! 

Jake came to join us for the afternoon and spoke to us about his job and then gave us a masterclass in peeling and chopping up vegetables. 

We prepared all of the vegetables and followed a recipe to make a vegetable soup. 


Thank you to Jake for coming in and showing off your skills! 




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This week in English we have been reading, ordering and following instructions to make a jam sandwich! 


We all worked together to read the instructions and to recognise the tricky words. Then, we ordered the instructions in a group and followed them to make a sandwich. Finally, we got to eat them! Yum!! 





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