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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Today, we explore problem solving and reasoning in subtraction.


The work you have continues from what you have been looking at this week but presents different problems for you to have a go at. This is an attempt to improve your ability to subtract by asking the question 'why' is that right or 'why' is that wrong? It's an opportunity to apply your knowledge and hopefully develop a deeper understanding of what we have been looking at this week.


Remember to share your work on our class blogs or by using our sharing email address: 

WALT: reasoning and problem solving using subtraction column method.

Mental and Oral Starter: Work through this work PowerPoint to prepare you for your worksheet

Lesson activity: choose a worksheet that will best challenge you today

Miss Haywood's and Mr Tongue's group (MHG)

MHG WALT: use problem solving to subtract 1-digit from 3-digit numbers

Lesson activity: Choose a worksheet that will best challenge you today

Your ANSWER sheets are included with your worksheets. REMEMBER only to use this sheet to check your answers AFTER you have completed your work.


Today's EXTension is a chance for you to check your times table knowledge. If you can, print out the question sheet and see how long it takes for your to complete it. If you can't print it out, then use your screen to read each question and record it on a piece of paper. You can check how you got on with the ANSWERS sheet.


What to do next?

This activity is a great way to see where you need to apply some personal learning in order to get even better and faster at your times tables. If there are any questions you struggled with, then that might be a good times table to start learning more about at home. We will be doing this test many times when we return from our October half term, so this is a good time to get practising. 

Ultimate Times Table Test