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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

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Work to do at home this week

 w/c: 4th May 2020 &

News and Updates


Summer 2


Children, parents and carers, we hope you ALL had a great weekend.


In English, we follow on from last week's work.  There is a new YouTube video for chapters 5 and 6 to listen to that correspond to this week's task. How were your diary entries? Head to the English page to find out what to do next.


In Maths this week, we continue with our new topic - Decimals and Percentages. We now go onto writing decimals as fractions. There will have 4 tasks.

  1. Value Fluency, looking at understanding decimals as fractions in different ways
  2. Reasoning and Problem Solving to see if you can reason about decimals as fractions
  3. A discussion task to do at home with your parents/carers/family members.
  4. An extension task in each of the areas of D, E and GD for you to have a go at on your own, now that you should be Jedi Masters at working with decimals as fractions.


Your main topic task this week is to explore VE Day. Maybe you could hold a family tea party on Friday to celebrate it.


Should you have any questions about our work, please can I encourage you to contact Mr Gooch and myself via the school Y5 blog. On it, you will find that Mr Gooch and myself have individual pages. We'd be more than happy to help you in any way via that. Hopefully, you'll all have enough to do. Everything you need to know will be on there.


As ever, in this challenging time, keep safe and make sure you all look after each other. Families need each other's help now more than ever and we all- big or small, young or old-have our part to play in this.


One really good development over Easter is that BBC Bitesize are offering daily lessons in all areas for this summer term and they can be accessed below. Have a close look- if they are too tricky, you can always move down a level to help you! This will be a great new learning tool as well as a good revision guide.


Mr G, Mr P and the Y5 team.



Keepie Uppie Challenge- updated Monday 30/3/20


Morning, folks! A new update to the keepie uppie challenge for you and a brand new record! Last week was a funny old week. One day I was able to do lots, the next I was rubbish! Well, on Sunday as part of our daily exercise, I was out with my daughter kicking a ball around and had a go at beating my record. My first go was good, really good, but just as I was about to match my previous record of 95, the ball bounced awkwardly and I only managed 94!! You can imagine how annoyed I was.


So, I regained my composure and had a second go at it- 107 this time! You can imagine how pleased I was once I got over the 100 barrier. 


How are you own challenges going? No matter how many you have managed, just keep on going like I do, and day by day you will get better.  Some days last week I only managed a few, but by persevering I got better. So, keep on going, don't give up and see how good you can get. It's the perfect 'isolation' activity and it will make us all better footballers and keep us fit too!


Mr G. 30/3/20

Hey All, Mr P 'ere

I hope you are all well and are staying safe and happy.

Here is a little run down of some addition tasks for you to have a go at and complete this week. The existing ones are still there for you if you still need to complete them or would like to have a go. The new tasks will have a GREEN SUBHEADING. Like Mr G has suggested, please check in every few days to discover more as the week pans out.


I hope you got to see the ISS last week. We did and thought it was wonderful. Here is a little shot of us in our PJs seeing it shoot over our heads from Solomon and Isaiah's bedroom.



The International Space Station is still visible in Nottingham up until Saturday April 4th at 8:50PM, so if you didn't catch it last week, please click on the link given to you by Mr G and take a look. It really is worth it.


We used an app called Sky View to help spot the ISS and track its course from where we were. You can see Solomon using it on my phone to check where to look in the sky. If you would like to ask your parents to download it onto their phone so that you can track it too, at the correct time, then you can download it from the Google Play or Apple stores here:

For Android phones: 

For Apple phones:


Make sure you click on these links from a phone or tablet. Mr P 29.3.20


International Space Station Spotting!


Join Mr G and Mr P in your back garden each night and try and spot the ISS, which recently had our 'friend' Christina Koch  and still has Jessica Meir onboard, as it passes over Beeston. It's only visible for one or two minutes so you have to be quick, but even in these times of being apart we can all join together in the same safe activity. Click here to find out where to look!


Here's a really good guide on how to find the ISS on its journey across the night's sky too!


Mr G. 26/3/20


Did you see the ISS? Mr G and some of the teachers were out in their gardens watching it! With us having studied it before Christmas, it's great to be able to see it for real, in action!