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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Dates for Academic Year 2014/15

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here is a list of all of the major dates scheduled for the coming year. Each date will also be added to the 'Calendar' section of the website too!





September 2nd 2014                          INSET

September 3rd 2014                         Term Starts

September 8th 2014                         KS2 Meet the Teacher 3.25pm

September 9th 2014                         KS1 Meet the Teacher 3.25pm

September 16th 2014                        FS Meet the Teacher 3.25pm

September 28th 2014                       Mini-marathon and Marathon

October 1st 2014                              Harvest Service with Nottingham Hope

October 9th 2014                             Phonics information evening

October 22nd 2014                           Individual photographs

October 20th /22nd 2014                 Parents’ Evenings

October 23rd 2014                         Last day of half-term

October 24th 2014                           INSET

October 27th 2014                           Half-Term starts

November 5th 2014                          Friends, ‘Fireworks’

November 17th- 21st 2014               Kingswood Yr 6

December 4th 2014                          Christmas Lunch

December 9/10th 2014                    Foundation Production        

December 11/12th 2014                   KS1 Production

W/B December 15th 2014               Christmas Parties

December 19th 2014                        Last day of term

January 5th 2015                              INSET

January 6th 2015                              Term starts              

January 16th 2015                            ‘Young Voices’ Birmingham

February 13th 2015                          Last day of half-term

February 16th- 20th 2015              Half-Term holiday

February 23rd 2015                       New half term begins

March 30th /April 1st 2015             Parents’ Evenings

April 2nd 2015                                  Last day of term

April 20th 2015                                 Term starts

April 30th 2015                                 Phonics Meeting – Yr 1

May 11th 2015                                    KS2 SATs

May 16th 2015                                 Spring Fayre

May 11th -13th 2015                            Hathersage Yr 3-4

May 21st 2015                                    Last day of half-term

May 22nd 2015                                   INSET

June 1st 2015                                     Term starts                               

June 8th 2015                                   Foundation Sports Day

June 9th 2015                                   KS1 Sports Day

June 10st 2015                                  KS2 Sports Day

June 22nd 2015                                 INSET

July 3rd 2015                                     Tesco Fun Run

July 8th 2015                                     Meet new teacher

July 22nd 2015                                  Last day of term.