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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Day 3 (so far) from the children

Sophie: The dinner was really nice last night when we went to the pub. I ate lots.

I'm really looking forward to Treak Cliff Cavern.


Leann: The past two days have been so fun and I challenged my self to walk up to Stanage Edge  I am really excited for Treak Cliff Cavern and I hope fun will carry on. I would like to do more residential trips with the JC family.


Aldo: The last days have been awesome! The restaurant food was deslishus and I really enjoyed it. This morning's breakfast was really good because Mrs Laud and Miss Alcorn cooked it. I really like Hathersage  because it lets you do things you thought you could never do before.


Paisley: I like the dinner in the restorant and it was fun in the restorant and I was ecstatic.


Evie: This morning, breakfast has been YUMMY! I had: cornflakes, toast, sausages , beans, little waffles. I even got to have seconds of toast and little waffles!


We're just packing up and getting ready to head to Treak Cliff, see you later!


Mrs Laud smiley