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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

New School Signage

Our wonderful old Victorian school building has been given a fresh new look with the installation of new signs!  The impressive range of signs can be found all over the school site which, in addition to improving the school environment, will help visitors find their way around.  Here is what some our pupils and staff have had to say about the new signage.


" It makes our school look organised" - Chucks Year 6


                         " It will help people find their way around" - Owen Year 3


" They are bright and cheery like our school" - Tia Year 6


" I wanted to say how lovely the new signs look in and around JC.
When I came in on Thursday, they looked bright and welcoming and make a huge difference to how it all 'feels'.  It's lovely to still be a part of JC, if only a tiny part now and to have watched it all grow over the years has been very special.  You all work so hard!" - Hilary Gawel - Retired staff


The design and consultation process ensured that all stakeholders where able to input and advise on there development.  The finished, installed signs are a great example of how we work as a team at John Clifford!