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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’



  1. Spend time with your child talking, telling stories, singing and enjoying nursery rhymes
  2. Talk about the cover of the book - what could the book be about?
  3. Help your child to turn one page at a time
  4. Find a comfortable place to read and sit together. This helps them create a special feeling at reading time.
  5. Change your voice to match the characters in the book – make it fun!
  6. Talk about what might happen next in the story, what the characters are doing etc.
  7. Reread the book several times – every time you read it, your child will notice something new
  8. Go to the library regularly. Libraries are a wonderful place to find books and so much more.

Important information

Wednesday - PE - children will need to wear suitable clothing and  trainers. 


Reading - children will have their books changed on a  Friday. Please try and read everyday for at least 10 minutes, then write a little comment in the communication diary. Please look in the communication diary, as each Friday there is a note about each weeks activities. 

We do lots of messy activities in nursery throughout the week. Please send your child in clothes you will not mind about being stained. Please don't send your child in expensive items. 

Nursery Rhymes - Please keep practising these