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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Tuesday morning is Outdoor Learning- children  will need to wear old warm clothing , waterproof coat, socks and wellies. The wellies can be kept at nursery but make sure they have your child's name on.


Thursday is PE- children will need to wear suitable clothing and  trainers. 


Reading - children will have their books changed on a  Friday. Please try and read everyday for at least 10 minutes, then write a little comment in the communication diary. 



We do lots of messy activities in nursery throughout the week. Please send your child in clothes you wont mind about being stained. Please don't send your child in expensive items. 



Our Topic




Travel and transport

This term we are looking at different types of transport and travelling on transport.

 What have you travelled on? 

How do vehicles move? do they drive on the road, in the air in the water or on tracks?

 We will also be talking about holidays. Are you going on holiday this year? If you are where are you going?

Our books this term are :







We will be looking at ways vehicles move for the first 3 weeks. We will be doing lots of activities, such as making a rocket fly, can we make a boat and float it on the water, using  shapes to make a car and lots more.

The final 3 weeks we will be talking about holidays, what can we find at the beach? have you been to the beach?

We have sports week this term, so we will be having our own sports games too. 

Pictures will appear on this page so we can let you see what we have been doing in nursery.


As well as all of the different activities we have planned we will be have daily maths and phonics sessions.

Below are some links for you to have a go at home