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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Outdoor Learning

Thursday 15.10.20

Afternoon Outdoor learning lesson


Good afternoon Year 5. Today in outdoor learning we are going to use our knot tying skills from last week, and develop it by adding some weaving. To start of, lets watch this short clip about what weaving actually is.

Our first activity is to have a go at weaving with paper, this will help us get a feel for the skill. Follow the instruction on this website. Don’t forget to use three different colours of paper so that you can really see the pattern you have created. Also don’t worry about the measurements suggested, just make sure that whatever size you choose, that the slits are equal distance apart.

Extension activities


  • To challenge yourself, use your knots tying skills to make a wooden frame and then add some interesting objects from outdoors. Here’s a example to inspire you.

  • Weave outdoors on a fence using ribbons or string, you could even attach some interest nature objects like leaves into your weave.

  • Create a rainbow on a paper plate with a weave of wool. This would make a great gift for someone.

I look forward to seeing your weaving on the school blog or through the stay in touch email. Don’t forget gold cards will be awarded for sharing your work.


Good luck and enjoy.


Miss Adcock