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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’



Building on yesterdays lesson I would like to see if you could complete todays throwing and catching challenges!


Equipment needed for PE this week:

  1. A laptop/tablet or phone to participate in the Joe Wicks warm up.
  2. 3 different sized balls
  3. A partner to work with or alternatively an outside wall (if possible)


My challenge to you is:

a)  Can you complete the Joe Wicks 5 minute warm up routine?


b) Can you throw the ball up into the air accurately so that you can catch it?


c) Can you now repeat this and add 2, 4, 6 or possibly 8 claps before you catch it?


d) Working with your partner can you throw and catch the ball to each other?  If you are really good then perhaps try one - handed.  If you don't have a partner then perhaps throw a ball against the wall and see if you can catch the rebound.


e)  If you have partner working with you then see if you can now both throw and catch the ball whilst moving.  Choose one of you to stand still whilst your partner moves from left to right in front of you constantly.  Throw the ball whilst they are moving, judging where you need to throw the ball.  If caught your partner will now throw it back, also whilst still moving.  


Repeat this with the different balls.


Now using your small bin, hoop or bucket you are going to practice your throwing skills.

Standing at least 2 metres away can you throw the ball straight into the bin, hoop or bucket?

How many can you get in without missing?

To make it harder move further away and perhaps change the size of the ball.


If you are playing with a partner turn this into a competition by seeing how many each of you can get out of five throws each!