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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


PSHE WC 10.07.20


'Bee Yourself’ - Be a JC Bee

We have spent the last half term learning how to be assertive, how to learn from and accept our mistakes, not to believe everything in the media, how to express ourselves, identifying our feeling and how to feel pride in ourselves.


In preparation for our new school year, where we all will hopefully be able to be together again, we want you to look at our JC Promises.




Our world has been very different for many months now. Things will look and feel different when we come back to school but many things will have stayed exactly the same, how much your teachers care about you, how much we know you can achieve, how much we all love being part of the JC family and our JC promises.


This week, we want you to think about the time before the new school year and when we are back in September. What can you do to make sure you are upholding the JC promises?


In your homework books, write each promise as a heading and brainstorm how you plan to keep this promise in the coming months. What can you do in relation to each promise?


You could share your ideas on the blog with your friends too!



PSHE WC 6.7.20


‘Bee Yourself’ - Making it Right

This week we are thinking about mistakes. Everybody makes some mistakes sometimes. This lesson teaches us that they can be an opportunity to learn and grow and teach us lessons for the future.


See the lesson power point (as a PDF) and activities below.

PSHE WC 29.6.20 


‘Bee Yourself’ - Media Wise 


This week we’d like you to think about what messages do we get from the media about how people should look, feel and behave? Are those messages realistic? 


Have a look at the powerpoint below and think about all the questions it raises. 


Then, you could fill in the worksheet, create your own poster or write a short description of what you have learned. 

PSHE 22.06.20 

‘Bee Yourself’ - Know Your Mind 

This week we are looking at being assertive.  

Do you know what assertive means? Discuss this word with a grown-up. 


We want you to think about when you might need to be assertive.  

Do you ever find yourself in situations where your friends are doing or saying something you don’t agree with or something that you know isn’t a good choice?  

Do you stand up for yourself and say no?  

It can be tricky to stand up for yourself and do the right thing sometimes.  


Have a look at the powerpoint below (saved as a PDF due to uploading size) and it will give you some ideas how you can have the confidence to be assertive. 


There are also some optional scenario cards you could discuss with your grown-ups and some worksheets you could fill in too. 

WC 15.06.20


This week in PSHE, we’re continuing with our ‘Bee Yourself’ linked to our JC promises, thinking about feeling and how we can cope with different feelings.  


Through this lesson we want you to gain understanding of good and not-so-good 

feelings, to help you to explain different feelings to others. 

We want you to recognise that you may experience conflicting emotions and describe different ways to cope with any uncomfortable feelings you may have and understand why this is important. 


Below is a lesson powerpoint (as PDF) and an activity to do which is explained within the powerpoint. 

PSHE - WC 8.6.20 


‘Bee’ Yourself – Feelings 


This week we are looking at some big questions around your feelings. 


They are: 

  • What are our main feelings and emotions called? 

  • What do they feel like? 

  • When might these feelings happen? 


You can make notes about these big questions in your homework books so that you can reflect on these different thoughts and feelings. 


We have also found some activities linked to your feelings that you might like to have a go at: 

PSHE - Week Commencing 1.6.20




This term we are asking you to 'BEE YOURSELF' (get it?!) Thinking about our JC Promises, we want you to spend time this term 'Being Positive and Proud'.


We want you to think about everything that makes you special, to reflect on and celebrate your achievements and to identify your strengths. 


Below is a powerpoint presentation to help you to think about how and why you should be proud of yourself as well as a prompt sheet to help you think about your achievements and a worksheet you can record your thoughts on, or use as a basis forr your notes in your homework book.

Supporting Materials - Bee Proud


Mr Hayward-Mitchell has set up a page on the website for PSHE, with different activities for you to have a go at each week to do with this term's PSHE topic all about living in Britain and our environment.


Have a look at the Year 4 activities here