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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


RE- WC 18.5.20


This week we would like you to create a fact file about your chosen sacred building including everything we’ve asked you to look at so far. Subheadings for your work could include; people who worship there, architecture, sacred days, services. Revisit the video links from previous weeks to help you.


RE - WC 11.5.20


This week, we would like you to think about the architecture of religious buildings. Architecture is how a building is built, what it looks like from both the inside and the outside.


Your task this week is to think about a religious space you have visited, or use Google to look at images or a sacred place. You could choose Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues, Sikh mandirs, Hindu temples or Buddhist temples. Look at the pictures of these buildings and describe what they look like, what makes them special, why do you think they were designed that way?

RE - Week Commencing 4.5.20


As many of our Muslim friends and classmates are currently celebrating Ramadan, we'd like you to find out a little more about this Islamic festival.


We'd like you write about Ramadan, explaining what Ramadan is, why Muslim people celebrate Ramadan and how Muslim people celebrate Ramadan. 


If you are Muslim and are currently celebrating Ramadan you could even document the event with photographs and ask your grown up's to share their experiences of Ramadan.


You can find out information about Ramadan by using these websites:


A BBC RE article about Ramadan with a video:


A Newsround report about Ramadan:




RE - Week Commencing 27.4.20


Last week we asked you to research different places of worship used by different religions. 


This week we'd like you to compare two different places of worship and think about their similarities and differences.


You could use the sheet at the bottom of this page to complete this task or you could write in your homework book.


Remind yourself about different places of worship by using the below websites:


Christian Churches


Islamic Mosques


Sikh Gudwara   and


Hindu Temple


Jewish Synagogue