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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


WALA: Martin Luther King


Read the article below and answer the question pages.


There are four different tasks for you to complete over different sessions:

Follow-up work (retrieval), Vocab 1, Vocab 2 and SPaG.

This week, we have read the passage about Martin Luther King and the importance of his actions. We have read the information about him, as well as watching his famous 'I have a dream' speech. Then, we answered questions about him, his life and his work.


These are the first two parts of the activity shown at the link.


Thursday's reading activity will be based around the vocabulary found in the passage, Friday's around developing the range of verbs we use. 



Thursday 8/10/20  WALT: Develop and extend the range of our vocabulary 


Hard: Try and find the definition of as many of the words listed as possible. (Vocab 1 sheet)

You could ask a parent or use an online dictionary. Try typing the word plu "definition" into google and it will give you the explanation you need.


Harder: Once you have found out what the words mean, can you complete the 2nd sheet (Vocab 2) by putting at least 6 of the words into sentences.


DD: Could you write a description of Martin Luther King's life and work and include as many of these words as possible? Underline each one to show you have used it.

Friday 9/10/20


WALT: Develop the range of verbs we use and recognise


The final task of the week using the reading text is to find and identify verbs in the text. We shall then try and use these in our own writing to make it better. Remember, these are the doing words in a sentence, so 'said', 'run', 'jump' are all examples of what we are looking for.


Hard: Can you find at least 6 verbs in the passage about Martin Luther King? For each one, copy out the sentence it was used in using your best handwriting.


Harder: Find as least ten verbs in the passage. Underline them and then can you re-write sentences using that verb in them. These sentences do not necessarily need to be about Martin Luther King, they can be anything you choose.


DD: Find as many verbs in the text as you can. Underline them, then copy them out underneath. Next, can you think or find an alternative verb that could have been usied instead? Be careful if you use a thesaurus, sometimes some words have similar but not quite the same meaning.und some for you. Can you find the rest of the verbs?