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Religious Education - Harvest

So it's RE time! For today's lesson we are re-visiting the Harvest Festival. Below is the Power Point that we worked on and we want you to think carefully about the information that you have learnt. We are going to use this to design a poster that includes our learnt knowledge but also looks at our artistic skills.


So, you will need a plain piece of paper (lined is find if you don't have it) and a sharp pencil. The first stage is going to be your art work. We want you to sketch on your paper a design that reminds you of Harvest in the center. This can be anything that reminds you of harvest but below are a few videos to help you if you are stuck for ideas:

How To Draw Autumn Corn Stalks And Pumpkins

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How To Draw A Cornucopia

Become an Art Club member Learn more about the art supplies we love to use

We want you to really focus on your drawing skills and to add your own shading and colour to the drawings.


Once you have completed your harvest picture it is time to add the information. Below is the Power Point we have looked at previously to help remind you of some of the facts about harvest. Can you pick out what you feel are the key facts that people need to know about Harvest? What are the key messages that people need to learn? Add these all around your picture and then when your poster is complete make sure you share it on the blog!