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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Spanish WC 13.7.20 


This week we are recapping Spanish greetings so that you are ready to greet your new teacher and your classmates in September. 


Watch the video below as a starting point. 

Spanish Greetings for Kids | Spanish Academy TV

Gather the kids for a fun story-telling lesson about the greetings with Miss Lia! Your kids will be saying 'hola, buenos días' by the end of the video! Check...

Spanish WC 6.7.20


This week we are going to look the names of some foods in Spanish. 


Watch the video and make notes on the vocabulary. You could pause it and copy down the spellings alongside the English word or a quick illustration. 

Foods in Spanish | Spanish Learning for Kids Learning Spanish is fun! Learn how to say some of your favorite foods in Spanish in this learning video for kids! It is...

Your task is to create a lunch plate of food, drawn smartly and labelled in Spanish. 


Spanish WC 29.6.20 


Months of the Year 

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at the days of the week in Spanish. 

Can you remember them? Why not give yourself a little quiz now to see if you can remember them all? (Scroll down to find the week we looked at the days of the week). 


We’d like you to have a look at this video, it teaches you the months of the year in both English and Spanish. 


Spanish Months of the Year | Doce Meses del Año | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's friend Sonya teaches us about the months of the year in Spanish and English. Learn the Spanish months of the year. Lyrics Hola, I'm Sonya The...

In your homework books, have a go at writing the months in English and then then Spanish name next to them.  

Here are some flashcards to help you: 

You could also have a go at finding the Spanish months in this word search: 

Spanish WC 22.6.20 


This week we’d like you to do some counting. We’ll be recapping the Spanish for numbers 1-10 and learning numbers 11-20. 


Here is a video with the numbers clearly spoken and written too for you to watch: 


Here is a word mat to support your learning: 

Once you feel happy with your numbers in Spanish you can have a go at playing this dominoes game with a grown up or sibling: 

Spanish WC 15.06.20 


This week, we’re going to learn the days of the week in Spanish. We have a fun video with a song to help you learn. 

Days of the Week in Spanish Song!

When you’ve learned the days by using the song you can, if you’d like to, watch this video which teaches you some extra phrases that you can use when discussing days and time. 


There are also flashcards and a worksheet for you to have a go at if you’d like to. 

Spanish - WC 8.6.20 


This week, we are learning how to say different items of clothing. 


Watch the video below to learn the names for different clothes in Spanish and learn a few simple phrases about what people are wearing. We understand you might not wear all of these items of clothing yourself but it’s good to know what they all mean. 


Learn Spanish - Common words for clothing. This video will teach you some of the common words for different types of clothing. 

Learn Spanish - Common words for clothing

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Once you have learnt about some of the different items of clothing from the video see if you can have a go at some of these activities: 

Spanish Week Commencing 1.6.20


This week, we are learning how to say the titles of family members (no not bees! Although the Spanish for bee is 'abeja' if you're interested!)


Watch the video below to learn the names for family members in Spanish and learn a few simple phrases about families. We understand not everybody's family is the same and you might not need all of these words to describe your family, the video is simply to help us to learn the vocabulary.


Members of the family in Spanish

familymembersinspanish #membersofthefamilyinspanish #familyinspanish Learn spanish vocabulary - family members (beginners) This video will teach the languag...

Spanish vocabulary cards - Including 'step' family

Can you draw your family tree and label all of your family members?

Here's Miss Wain's WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like)

Other Activities:


You could ask your grown ups to sign you up for a FREE Speekee account (the programme we use at school with Mrs H-T) and you will be able to access 10 weeks worth of free lessons: