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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Hola, Year 5!


Last week, I asked you to look at this work to practise your greetings:


Do you remember how to say hello and the other greetings? As a warm up for your lesson today, practise what you can remember, have another look at that video and then you'll be ready for some new learning that will follow below.


WALA: Spanish pronunciation


To make sure you are pronouncing your words accurately and sounding Spanish, I'd like you all to have a go at this lesson below. It's a video link to a page that will show you how each grapheme in Spanish is actually said aloud.


Work your way through these exercise and then follow the link that will follow. There will be a listening task for you to have a go at next. I shall add this later this morning.


Mr G. Wednesday morning.

Listening Task:


Look at these ten spellings. You will find these ten words or phrases pronounced on the short video or in the links below. Please decide which of the three spellings is correct and underline it. Good luck!


Hola/ Ola


Me llamo/ me yammo/may yamo


Espana/ Espanya/ Espaniya




Dieth/ Diess/ Diez


Thinko/ Sinko/ Cinco


Hentay/ Gente/ Jente


Como tay llamas/ como te llamas/ como te llarmars


Thee en/ see en/ cien


Kesso/ queso/ queso