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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Summer 2 Week 4

Spellings 22.06.20


Summer 2, Week 3 list 


This week's spellings are all words that use the suffix '-ous' where words that end in ‘y’ become ‘i’  and words that end in ‘our’ become ‘or’.  

Have a go at this week's spellings. Don't forget to split them up into syllables and sounds like we do in our spelling lessons.  


We'll do one together -   


various - 3 syllables - var / i / ous   


1st syllable has 2 sounds /v/ /ar/ spelt   v ar  


2nd syllable has 1 sound /ee/ spelt  i 


3rd syllable has 2 sounds /u/ /s/ spelt ou s  



           v  ar / i  /  ou s   


Can you split the rest of the spellings into syllables and sounds?  



To help you, you could work your way through the PowerPoints and then practise the spellings using one of the tips below.   


There are also some other activities you can use to help you learn the spellings: