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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Supporting Resources

Covid-19 PSHE Resources

During this unprecedented time, some children my become frustrated and upset. We have uploaded some stories below that you can read together at home centred around the current situation. These aim to help children to understand what is happening in the world, how we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and, most importantly, that it is ok and not unusual to be experiencing some negative emotions at the moment. 

We have also uploaded some resources below which can support young children to talk about their emotions. 


Feelings worksheet - This is an activity that encourages children to talk about why they may feel different emotions and may be a good starting point to encourage them to share how they are feeling.

My Worries - This is aimed at older children, however, the second page could be of use if a child is saying that they are worried. Encourage them to draw pictures of what may be worrying them in the bubbles on the page.

Things That Make Me Happy - This activity could be used to remind children of what makes them happy by drawing pictures of different activities or people in the bubbles. This is also a good way to draw their attention to things that they have enjoyed doing during this lockdown period.

Worry Monster - This activity encourages children to write down their worries on the monster. 

The website 'Winston's Wish' has a great selection of information on supporting children who are struggling with the process of lockdown and how to discuss it with them, alongside lots of links to supporting activities. 

Daily Schedule


We have come across a simple schedule which parents all over the world are following to help support them with the school closure. 



Before 9.00am

Wake Up

Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed and put PJs in the laundry.


Morning Walk

Family walk, yoga (cosmic kids on youtube), or a HITT work out.


Academic Time

You can access learning through the class page on the school website.


Lunch Time



Chore Time

Help to;

  • Wash up after lunch.
  • Tidy the house
  • Put away clean clothes


Quiet Time

Reading, puzzles, drawing, nap


Academic Time

Work on your class page, Online games, Educational TV show


Afternoon Fresh Air

Bike ride, walk the dog, spend some time in the garden


Dinner Time



Free TV Time

Use this time to have a shower and help to tidy the house. As well as enjoying some of your favourite TV shows and books.






White Rose Maths


Please see below a link for a letter to parents introducing 'White Rose Maths' and their new home learning materials. 


We use the White Rose Maths scheme at school and the children really enjoy the hands on approach. Where possible, the lessons can be as practical as possible. For example, using objects to count, using water to explore capacity, baking to explore measuring mass etc. 


We will be updating the website weekly with the next set of lessons. These lessons are made to be taught one per day so the children have time to consolidate their previous learning. Please record any work that your children do at home in their Home Learning Book. 

Phonics Sound Mat


At school the children use sound mats showing the different graphemes taught in phonics. The children have access to these all of the time in their table tidies so you may want to display this or print it out to support your child with their work at home. 


The children are encouraged to 'chop up' the words to hear the different sounds that make up a word and then locate the corresponding sound on the sound mat.


Below is a screen grab and then a PDF file should you wish to print one out for home.

Picture 1