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Topic (2)


WALA: Hydro Electric Dams, such as the Aswan Dam


First of all, children, you should complete the 'English/Topic 2' work that was in the English folder. That forms the first part of this work, gathering opinions about the Aswan Dam, a huge dam that was constructed to help create electricity for Egypt- and beyond.


We looked briefly at some images of this dam being built while we were still in school, but to help you understand the Aswan Dam better, take a look at this website here.


Look really closely at the paragraph headed 'How do we get power from water?' It has an excellent diagram which we would like you to sketch out and label. By doing so, it should let you understand how the Aswan Dam works and why it was so important.


You could create a whole poster about Hydro-electric power and add lots of Aswan Dam facts about it too!


Remember, do show us your work once it is done, on the blog or via the email at

Topic EXTension activity.


Here is a PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) all about renewable and nonrenewable energy. I thought it would be a great resource to look at to learn about why we have energy solutions like hydroelectricity. 


Near the end of the presentation is a slide, I have amended, giving your the task of building a hydro turbine to test and experiment with at home and get an idea about how hydroelectricity will work. The sheets with all the information you need are also attached below. Choose the sheet that you feel happiest, yet challenged enough with to do. This would be a great activity to do with family members. If you haven't the exact bits and pieces to make the turbine, then see if you can be creative and improvise.  


AND REMEMBER, post your work onto our class blogs and use the stay in touch email if you can't access it:

Energy PowerPoint

Energy Activity worksheets