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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Topic WC 13.7.20 


This week for your topic work we want you to pull together everything you have learnt this half term about looking after your world to produce a poster to tell other people about how we can better look after our world. 


You could pull key facts and information from each of the different sections we have covered: 



Natural Resources 





And put them into a poster (or another format if you would prefer) to tell other people about why these things are so important to looking after our world. 

Topic WC 6.7.20 


Following on from your work on finding out about natural resources last week, this week we are looking into sustainability. 


What is sustainability? Why is it so important? 


Here are 5 key areas where sustainability is important: 








Can you choose an area and have a go at completing the associated task mat? 

You can find each one here: 

Topic WC 29.6.20 


Natural Resources 


This week we are going to be learning about natural resources. You have been learning about what conservation is and why it’s important and this week we are looking specifically at some of the resources in the world that need to be conserved and looked after. 


We are using Oak Academy for this lesson this week with the lesson looking at the natural resources in the world. You can find the lesson here: 


We know it says Year 4 but don’t worry Year 3 you’ve got this!

Topic WC 22.6.20


Following on from your work on finding out about conservation last week, this week we would like you to find out about the different habitats that people who work in conservation are trying to protect. 


Can you find out what each of the following 5 main habitats are and where in the world you can find them? 








Here is some information to help you: 



Can you label any of these habitats on the world map? 

Topic WC 15.6.20


This week we want you to think about the question ‘What is conservation?’ 

Can you find out what conservation is and what affects it? You might be able to write a definition of conservation or find out ways in which you can help. 

Once you have done this, we would like you to present what you find in a format of your choice. This might be as a paragraph, a poster or another method entirely, it is up to you. 


You can use these websites to help you: 

Topic - WC 8.6.20 


This week we want you to find out all about the life cycle of a honey bee and draw a life cycle diagram detailing each stage of a bee’s life. 


Here are some resources to help you find the information you will need: 

Here is an example of a life cycle diagram to help you get started: 

Topic - Week Commencing 1.6.20


We're sure you've gathered by now, this week's work is all bees, bees, bees! Well it's no different for your topic work this week!


Bee foods

Think about what you have eaten this week. Now look at the list of crops that bees pollinate below – if bees were to become extinct, these crops would not be able to survive. How much of what you have eaten this week would not be available if the bees were to disappear?



We'd like you to keep a food diary this week and highlight everything you have eaten thanks to bees! Keep a record of what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as snacks everyday. You should list the main ingredients so that you can highlight everything that would not be available without bees.


Here is an example diary page where the 'bee foods' have been underlines in green highlighter.