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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week 1

Instruction writing


Your English task this week is linked to both Design Technology and Geography.   We would like you to build either a paper mache earth or a 2D map of the world.  You will need to show all of the continents.

Attached are the instructions for you and your parents to follow to build the globe and the continents to print and attach.

Once you have completed your DT project we would then like you write a set of instructions telling us how to make your project.  

Instructions are set out in a special way so your writing must include the following:

  • Title
  • Equipment needed
  • Instructions in order
  • Diagrams to help.


Remember to take a photograph of your finished globe or map and share your work with us the class blog!