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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week 3

VE Day celebrations

This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  On May 8th 1945 the world accepted the surrender of the Nazi party so beginning the end of WW2.  This brought to an end a brutal and devastating World War that had cost countless lives and destruction for millions of people.  This incredible news prompted street parties and celebrations around the world as families were finally allowed to once again beginning their lives.

Your writing task this week is to complete a little bit of research about this period in history in order to understand how important it was.  I would then like you to write a postcard to an imaginary friend or family member describing what you celebration street party was like.  You could explain how you might have been feeling and what you did with family, friends and neighbours on the street.


Below are some resources to help you understand what VE day was about.  Perhaps you could make some notes about what you believe to be really important.  This will help you when you come to write your postcard.

Remember when writing your postcard you will need to include:

  • The name of the person you are writing to (Dear....)
  • Introduce what you want to tell them about (Let me tell you about our amazing VE Day street party!)
  • Tell them what you saw, heard, tasted, touched and smelt.
  • Use lots of adjectives to bring your descriptions to life.
  • Set out your postcard so that your writing is on the left and the address on the right.
  • Draw an amazing picture on the reverse of your VE Day street party.

Don't forget to share your work with us on the class blogs for us all to enjoy!