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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week 3

Key Stage 1


Week 3:


This week, you get to play a game!


It will let you identify what items around the home and school can be programmed using coding. There are lots of levels of difficulty to the game, so once you have completed the easy level, try the harder ones. By the end of it all, you will be experts in what can and can't be coded!


Key Stage 2


Week 3:


Last week you looked at decomposition. I asked you to think about these questions for if you were designing your own game.


Try and design and think about:

  • what would your main character be? 
  • how many steps would they move at a time?
  • which keys would make them move?
  • what backdrops would you want?
  • what is the purpose or point of the game? 
  • would you measure the game by counting points, coins, time?


You can play around with Scratch to work out what it would look like. So, by the end of this session, you should have thought and drawn/designed on a sheet of paper what you would like the game to look like and how your characters would be. 


This week, I'd like you to read the following:


How would repetition work in a game you were making on Scratch? Can you find the way that could use a repeat function? Can you find it on Scratch and see how you can use a repeat function in making a sprite move or a procedure function?


Here's a clue: if you want a sprite ( a character) to move, you can programme it to do it by either  pressing a certain key or you can make it go automatically. Which one would use the repeat function I wonder? If you've ever seen the ghosts in Pacman, you'll know what I mean about moving automatically! One of the many versions of  Pac Man on Scratch is here:




Mr G 4/5/20