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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week 5

Animal poetry

This week I would like to see if you can use your creative writing juices to compose an animal poem.

Task one

First thing that I would like you to do is to think about the amazing animals that you have discovered whilst researching Kenya.  Now choose a couple of animals that you really like and create a wordbank by describing them.  Think about not only their physical description but the way they

  • move (slowly, quickly, plodding, paddling)
  • eat (ferociously, nibbling, pecking, tearing)
  • sound (roar, trumpeting, squawking, howling)

Jot down any words that come into your head - you may not use all of them but they will help with task two.


Task two

Now using one of your animal wordbanks I would like to see if you could follow the poem 'recipe' below to create your first poem.

How to build a poem

Line 1 - one word, name of your animal. Lion

Line 2 - two words, the colours of your animal. Gold, yellow

Line 3 - three words, adjectives (describing words) about your chosen animal. Ferocious, fearsome, cunning

Line 4 - four words, participles (ing verbs - doing words) about your animal. Chasing, hunting, attacking, sleeping

Line 5 - five words, a sentence about your feelings, opinions or observations about your chosen animal. The King of the beasts


Did it work????

Hopefully you now have your first amazing animal poem.


Task three

I would now like to see if you could repeat the poem 'recipe' and create a number of animal poems that you can then present alongside some drawings of the animals.


Be creative and ambitious with your choice of words but most of all have fun!  We look forward to seeing what you can compose and share with us all on the class blogs.


If you get really ambitious why not watch the short set of film clips below and compose some other types of poetry.