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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week Commencing 15.6.20

This week: 15.6.20



This week we are reading a funny rhyming poem called 'Eric the weary bee' by Steve Attewell.


  • Watch the poem on the link below- can you hear any rhyming words straight away?
  • To make sure you understand the poem, you need to know what the words mean and there are some words you may not know. Read the whole sentence and have a sensible guess, what might it mean? Then, check what these words mean (use a dictionary or the internet):










  • EXTENSION: Find another word that means the same as each of these words. You might know some when you know what they mean or you could use a thesaurus with a grown up's help. Example: weary=tired.
  • Recap rhyming words using the bitesize link below.
  • Complete the rhyming hunt- can you find the words from the poem which rhyme with the given words? Some have more than one!
  • Have a go at writing your own rhyming verse about bees. Look at the example to help you. There is an incomplete version to have a go at if you find this tricky. 
  • Can you publish your verse on the class blog? We would love to see what you have written.



If you have access to a printer then here are some documents where you can practice your handwriting. They include pencil control, letter formation and high frequency words.

Below these documents is a link to the Nelson Handwriting site which is the handwriting scheme we follow at school. By following this link you will find some practical activities you can do at home. 



We are continuing to follow the White Rose Scheme for home learning. This week the focus is multiplication and division. Please follow the lessons in order using the links (on first document) and tasks below. There is some repeated content, this would still be beneficial for the children to do but there is an alternative option below if preferred.



Remember to also use your TTRockstars

and Numbots accounts to continue to practise your times tables and your knowledge of number. 



This half term we are learning about seasonal changes, in this third lesson you will learn about looking for signs of Spring outside and will need to go on a walk to complete the activity sheet. 


Our topic this half term is all about bees, pollination and the environment. This week we are learning about the anatomy of a bee (parts of its body).

  • Look at the information in the powerpoint.
  • Either draw and label your own bee, or complete the activity sheet matching the descriptions and completing the labels.

Art/Design and Technology

Have a look at this amazing band who use recycled materials to make their instruments. Have a go at making your own 'junk instrument' using recycling, for example a toilet roll holder or bottle can make a shaker, a box can make a guitar. Use this instrument for this week's music task.








Below are a range of free online resources that you can take part in to stay fit and healthy whilst we are away from school. We bet you are doing lots of playing outside too to keep active and recommend going for daily walks with your family!


Oti Mabuse from 'Strictly Come Dancing' is hosting a Dance class for all the family at 11.30am every day on her Facebook LIVE.


Joe Wicks is hosting a PE lesson for the whole nation on his YouTube channel each morning at 9am.


Just Dance Kids- available on YouTube



Listen to this famous piece of music again.

  • Use your junk instrument (see Art/DT) to join in with the rhythm of the music.
  • Can you use your instrument to make your own version to represent the flight of a bumblebee? Maybe you could record it too.

JC song page

Ms Bamford is also uploading 'Music of the Week' to the website. You can find it by following the link below. Maybe you could listen to it when you are doing some of your work at home. 


Hey Everyone,


This Friday sees another chance to have a school sing-along.


Mrs Bailey and myself will look forward to seeing and hearing you again.


This week, I'd like to hear from you on what you'd like to sing. To do that, take a look at our SINGING AT JOHN CLIFFORD page on the school website. Here it is:


Please, click on my name on the school blog and leave me a personal message of what it is you'd like to sing.


Until Friday, have a good go at listening to Proud by Heather Small. We'll definitely be singing that.


Take care until then.


Mr P

Religious Education

For the rest of the half term we are going to learn about places of worship. This week we are learning about Jewish Synagogues. Have a look at the powerpoint and then match the pictures to their name/description. (Choose worksheet differentiation by number of stars)



As part of our Summer focus 'Living in the wider world – Economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen'we are learning all about money this half term. 


Look at the powerpoint about spending money and keeping track of what we spend, then make a shopping list/receipt, planning a picnic or party. What will you need? How much will it cost? Use the example shopping sheet to help, or you could look on real online shopping with your grown ups.

World Refugee Week 15-21st June

This week is World Refugee Week, so there are some additional activities you might want to explore and discuss with your children. Obviously this is an emotive subject and they may need some support discussing and understanding these themes, but we feel it is very important for them to learn about at an age appropriate level. There is an informative powerpoint, a beautiful story and a comparison worksheet below. 

Other activities