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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week Commencing 22.3.2020

Work to do at home this week

WC: 22.3.2020


This week in English we would like you to read the book 'All Aboard the London Bus' and think of similes to describe the famous London Landmarks. 

A simile is a sentence that describes something by comparing it to something else.
For example - 

'Miss Garforth is as tall as a giant'

'Paddy is as fast as a cheetah'

First this week can you come up with any sentences like these that describe the London landmarks? 
Mine would be - 

'The London Eye is round like a doughnut'

Make a list in your books of some similes you have thought of. 


Next, we would like you to write a postcard from a trip to London including similes to make your writing exciting.

Here's one Miss Garforth has written.



This week we would like you to follow the White Rose Maths learning a home resources. This is the scheme of work we follow at school. There is more information for your parents about this on the 'Supporting Resources' page.

There are 5 sessions in total, one for each day. Each session has a video lesson and some questions to answer afterwards. Record these answers in your Learning at home book. 

This week we are exploring mass, volume and capacity.


If you would like some more activities to complete during your time away from school, please see the resources uploaded bellow. 

Remember to also use your TTRockstars

and Numbots accounts to continue to practise your times tables and your knowledge of number. 



We would like you to look at the landmarks that are on the slides below and see if you can locate them on a map.

You can use Google Maps or Google Earth.

Are there any similiarites or differences between the landmarks in London and Nottingham?

Make a list in your Working from Home books.