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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Week Commencing 27.4.2020

Work to do at home this week


Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all ok and have enjoyed the lovely weather we have had this past week. We have loved seeing your updates on the blog. If you haven't found these yet then you can follow the links below to your class blog, you can use these to tell everyone what you have been up to over the school closure and also share any work that you are proud of.

Maple Class Blog -

Oak Class Blog - 


This week we are going to be continuing our topic...

'Who has the loudest roar?'


We are going to be exploring animals and learning lots of exciting facts about them!

Remember, try to record any word you have completed in your 'Learning at Home' book and you can share your work on the blog if you would like to... we would love to see it! 


We miss you all very much and are looking forward to being back together again when it is safe for us to do so. 

 Remember…We are never far away. Please stay in touch, stay healthy – wash your hands regularly and catch all of those coughs and sneezes. Work hard and always try your best. You make us so proud every single day and we just can’t wait to hear how you’re all getting on.

Lots of love, 

Miss Garforth, Mrs Pounder, Mrs Laud and Ms Bamford.



This week we would like you to read the document below all about bats and answer the questions about it. 
You can record your answers in your 'Learning at Home' books.



This week, we would like you to play the game 'Phonics Game Show!' To play this, click on the following link and enter the code NR5498. This will take you to the game.


Remember to click on the 'Phonics' star to access Lalilo and the other exciting phonics games.





This week in English we are going to be exploring our book of the week 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. We would like you to watch this video on the 'Year 1 Story Time' page of the website

or you can watch it on YouTube


Once you have listened to the story we would like you to talk to a family member about what happened in the story and then make a shopping list of all of the things the tiger has eaten - we need to replace them! You can use the shopping list template below or write a list in your 'Learning at home' books.

Next, we would like you to have a go at creating a story map for 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. Remember, this is a simple map of the story using key words and pictures to help you retell the story. 

When your creating your story map remember to include;

- Drawings

- Keywords
- Connectives


Below is an example of the story map we created last half term for 'Handa's Surprise' and a keyword mayt for 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' to help you.

Once you have completed your story map, can you retell it to the members of your family?


This week we would like you to follow the White Rose Maths learning a home resources. This is the scheme of work we follow at school. There is more information for your parents about this on the 'Supporting Resources' page, you can find this at the top of the page.

There are 5 sessions in total, one for each day. Each session has a video lesson and some questions to answer afterwards. Record these answers in your Learning at home book. 

This week we are exploring finding half and quarters. White Rose have also launched a new 'Friday Challenge' this week - look out for that on Friday!

The Friday Challenge is aimed at the whole family working together. The questions appropriate for year 1 are questions 1 and 2 - questions 3-10 are aimed at children in higher years

Remember to record your work in your books and share it on the blog! 

Remember to also use your TTRockstars

and Numbots accounts to continue to practise your times tables and your knowledge of number. 


This week, we are going to start our work on Animals. We have already looked at humans and how we are similar and different to each other and last week we recapped our learning of the 5 senses. Can you list the 5 senses we learnt about last week?


Did you know that animals can be sorted into different groups? 

We can group them into; 

- Mammals

- Birds

- Reptiles

- Amphibians


- Fish


Below is a PowerPoint introducing these groups. We would like you to look through this and then review the fact you have learnt on the 'Animal Groups' document below. Then, we would like you to answer the questions on the 'Animal Facts' document by selecting which animal group matches the statement. Remember if you haven't got a printer at home you can record your answers in your 'Learning at Home' books.



This half term we are going to be looking at some significant people from history. 


In the light of the amazing work being done by our medical staff we thought we would think about how nurses have worked in the past and what they have done to develop nursing today. In this unit called 'Nurturing Nurses' we are going to look at the influential nurses Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We will be thinking about what makes a person significant, exploring and comparing the lives and work of these nurses and considers how these individuals have influenced nursing today.


We have also uploaded some colouring pages for you to say Thank You to the keyworkers that are working to help us all. Maybe they could stick them in a window where these people can see them.


This week, we would like you to look at the PowerPoint below which will give you some information about the nurse Florence Nightingale. Once you have done this, we would like you to complete the activity sheet 'Hospital Improvements'. There are two differentiated task in this pack. Everyone can complete the first task (one star) and the Ellipses and Speech Mark English groups can complete the second task (three stars). Remember if you haven't got a printer at home you can record your answers in your 'Learning at Home' books.


Below are a range of Free online resources that you can take part in to stay fit and healthy whilst we are away from school. 


Oti Mabuse from 'Strictly Come Dancing' is hosting a Dance class for all the family at 11.30am every day on her Facebook LIVE.


Joe Wicks is hosting a PE lesson for the whole nation on his YouTube channel each morning at 9am.




This week we are going to have a look at the Brass family and find out what they look like, what they are called, what they are made of and how they are played.

Watch the video below. What so you notice about how the picture moves with the music? 

Art and DT

This half term, we are going to be looking at developing our drawing skills.

This week we would like you to draw a trace around the shadow of an animal like in the picture below.

We have also put a link to a video showing you how you can draw some animals to help you. 
You can find more videos by following this link -


Miss Garforth will have a go at some of these as you know she could do with the practice hey Maple Class?! Look out for it on the Maple Class blog! 


Mr Mitchell is uploading PSHE work for each week. You can find this weeks by following the link



This half term, we are going to be looking at programmable toys. You may have some at home. If you don't then you can use the website below to programme a Beebot. Theres also lots of apps that you can download onto your tablets to do this too. 


Below is a video on how to programme your Beebot to help you.

This week, we would like you to use the website below to programme your Beebot to move around the 'Alphabet' mat.

Can you -


  • Move your Beebot to the letter A
  • Move your Beebot to the letter Z
  • Move your Beebot to the letter G
  • Move your Beebot to the letter M

Theres also some more exciting computing work to complete on the following page

Other Activities you could do...