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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Work to do at home...

Hi everyone! 

We will try our best to have the next weeks learning uploaded onto the website by Monday morning but the website is currently experiencing unprecedented high levels of traffic which may result in a delay to resources becoming available. 

We are working on an exciting way for you to get in touch with us so we can see what you have all been up to. We can't wait to hear from you. In the meantime, stay safe and remember to follow the John Clifford Promises. 


Miss Garforth, Mrs Pounder, Mrs Laud and Ms Bamford.

Work to do at home this week

WC: 23.3.2020


This week, we would like you to work through the activities below for each of the subjects as well as enjoying the fresh air, playing and enjoying time with your family. You can use the activities on the screen or download and print them out. We will add new pieces of work for you to do throughout the week. Keep your work or any notes that you make together or in your 'Learning at Home book' so that you can bring them into school with you.


Please continue to read a range of books either from your school collection or books that you have available at home. You can also read books online. Some of the free websites available that you can use are below. You will need to ask your parent to sign you up for these websites so that you can access the texts. 


David Walliams is streaming a free audio book each day for you to enjoy. 


Oliver Jeffers is live-streaming himself reading his books each evening at 6pm. These videos can be accessed through his Instagram page 


Nottinghamshire Libraries have a wide range of ebooks and magazines that you are able to access with you library card details. (link below)


Oxford Owl offers free eBooks that follow the schools book banding system. All you have to do is create a Free Account. Please see the table below detailing how the JC book bands link with both coloured bands and Letters and sounds. 


Collins Big Cat Ebooks are available online too. You will recognise as we have these books in school and they also follow the colour banding below.

To log in you will need to select the teacher log in option and enter the following details.

Login -

Password - Parents20!

Picture 1



This week in English we would like you to read the book 'All Aboard the London Bus' by Patricia Toht. This is available below. 


We would like you to describe the landmarks using similes and then write a postcard describing three of the landmarks.

A simile is a describing sentence that compare an object to another, for example;

'Miss Garforth is as tall as a giant.


'Paddy is as fast as a cheetah.'


Talk to your grown up or sibling about the landmarks in the book, which was your favourite? Can you use a simile to describe it? 

My favourite London Landmark is the London Eye!  - 'The London eye is as round as a doughnut'



Use the images from the book or from the slideshow below to help you to create some similes for the London landmarks in the book. Write these down in your 'Working from Home' books.

Book of the Week

Now that you have thought of some amazing similes, we would like you to use these to write a postcard about a trip to London! 

The Powerpoint below explains how to write a postcard and Miss Garforth has uploaded hers just underneath! 


Remember we are looking for - 


- Similes

- Full stops

- Capital letters

- Finger Spaces

- Sentences that make sense (say it before you write it!)

- Using your phonics to spell words correctly (sound mat on additional resources page to support with this)

- Best handwriting


We can't wait to read them all!

Picture 1


This week we would like you to explore weight and mass. We would like you to weight and compare objects around your home either by using some scales (if you have them!) or by holding them. Can you compare the objects using these keywords? 


Heavy Heavier Heaviest
Light Lighter Lightest

Can you order the items by weight? Write a list of objects from heaviest to lightest in you Learning at Home book.


Next, we would like you to follow the White Rose Maths learning at home resources. This is the scheme of work we follow at school. There is more information for your parents about this on the 'Supporting Resources' page.


There are 5 sessions all about weight and mass. Each session has a video lesson and some questions to answer afterwards. Record these answers in your Learning at home book.


Here are the questions for each session- 



Melt the ice experiment! 


This week we would like you to try and melt your ice the quickest. You could have a race against your family members!


You will need to make a prediction and record your results in your learning at home books. 

Here is a template for you to use to support you with recording your experiment - you may want to copy this into your books.



We have been looking at the Great Fire of London and some of the landmarks in Nottingham and London. We would like you to use a map (paper or digital) to locate popular landmarks from both cities;


  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Buckingham Place
  • Big Ben
  • The London Eye
  • The London Bridge
  • Trent Bridge
  • The City Ground
  • Meadow Lane (Notts Country Ground)
  • Trent Bridge
  • The Council House
  • Nottingham Castle

Next, we would like you to look at some pictures of the landmarks and compare them and write down some similarities and differences. 


Below are a range of Free online resources that you can take part in to stay fit and healthy whilst we are away from school. 


Oti Mabuse from 'Strictly Come Dancing' is hosting a Dance class for all the family at 11.30am every day on her Facebook LIVE.


Joe Wicks is hosting a PE lesson for the whole nation on his YouTube channel each morning at 9am.



Picture 1

PE ideas to do at home


Line Rider - Mountain King

London's Burning

Great Fire of London: September 1666 - Children's song with words by Al Start

Art and DT

We would like you to paint, draw or collage a rainbow to display in your window at home to spread some smiles to people on your street! 


You can use whatever method you want to! 

Make a Tudor House from the Great Fire of London

Make a Tudor House from the Great Fire of London 1

Other Activities you could do...

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1