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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Work to do at home...

Hi Year One!

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Hello Oak Class

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Hope you are all keeping safe and well and looking after each other at home.

Hi Oak Class!

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We hope you all have a wonderful half term and are able to make the most of the lovely weather we are forecast. Remember to follow the JC Promises and to keep helping out at home and making us proud. 


You can update the blog over half term with what you have been doing to keep busy, we would love to see!


Keep safe, 

Miss Garforth, Mrs Laud and Mrs Pounder xxx

Work to do at home this week



Hi Everyone!
We have updated the website with activities for you to do this week, we are continuing our work on 'Who has the loudest roar?'.


We have absolutely loved your updates on the class blogs, it is so lovely to see your smiling faces and to be able to stay in touch with you all. If you haven't been on them yet, then the links are below. Look out for some certificates for some brilliant work on the online learning platforms!

Maple Class Blog -

Oak Class Blog - 


 Remember…We are never far away. Please stay in touch, stay healthy – wash your hands regularly and catch all of those coughs and sneezes. Work hard and always try your best. You make us so proud every single day and we can’t wait to hear how you’re all getting on.

Lots of love, 

Miss Garforth, Mrs Pounder, Mrs Laud and Ms Bamford.

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. From the creators of the internationally adored The Hug, Eoi...

We have had some queries about how much work you should be trying to do at home during the lockdown.  We understand that families will be facing a range of different challenges and find themselves in very different situations.  Whilst we do not want to specify exactly what your daily routine at home must look like, below is a document which shows a suggested structure for your home learning.  Please note that this is only a suggested model and that we understand that each individual family must chose their own daily routines to fit in with their unique situations.  We hope that this is helpful to some of you.

If you are looking for some more activities or some ideas for a more structured day at home, then Twinkl have made all of their resources free for parents during the school closures. They have set out activities in a simple daily timetable. This also includes free live lessons that you can follow at home which includes a daily phonics lesson.

By clicking on these stars, you will find the information and links for the Reading and Phonics websites and games. 



This week we would like you to read the extract uploaded below and answer the questions about the text. This extract is all about Kangaroos and how they got their tails.


New Online Reading Resource 


Here is a link for a new free online reading resource from Jolly Phonics. These are online, fully decodable books.




This week, we would like you to play the game 'Phonics Sounds Pairs' To play this, click on the following link and enter the code IZ1682. This will take you to the game. There are different levels of this game starting at level 2 and up to level 5.

You can play all of the levels if you wish, but here you can see which level you should play based on your phonics groups.

Miss McDonnells Group - Level 2

Mrs Jacques Group - Level 3
Mrs Pounders Group - Level 4

Miss Garforths Group - Level 5



Remember to click on the 'Phonics' star to access Lalilo and the other exciting phonics games.


This week in English we are going to be exploring our book of the week 'Quiet!' by Paul Bright and looking at similes.



First, we would like you to recap knowledge about verbs and nouns by completing the activity below.

Next, we would like you to watch the following video to remind you about similes. We have used similes before in our work last half-term about the famous London landmarks. Can you remember any that you included in your postcard? 



Once you have completed the questions, we would like you to listen to the story again. We want you to listen to the description of the animals and create your own similes based on these. For example, 

Miss Garforth is chattering like a chimp. 

Record your similes in your learning at home books.


Here is a video to help you to think of some similies about the animals in the book.

Now we would like you to complete the task below. 
Can you come up with some similes for these animals?


Now that you are simile experts, we would like you to apply your new knowledge and create a rainbow poem! You can use the template uploaded below or you can copy the sentence starters into your books. 

If you want to you can write this up neatly, decorate it and publish it in your window.


If you have access to a printer then here are some documents where you can practice your handwriting. They include pencil control, letter formation and high frequency words.

Below these documents is a link to the Nelson Handwriting site which is the handwriting scheme we follow at school. By following this link you will find some practical activities you can do at home. 


This week we would like you to follow the White Rose Maths learning a home resources. This is the scheme of work we follow at school. There is more information for your parents about this on the 'Supporting Resources' page, you can find this at the top of the page.

There are 5 sessions in total, one for each day. Each session has a video lesson and some questions to answer afterwards. Record these answers in your Learning at home book. These sessions compliment the BBC Bitesize sessions which are available through BBC iPlayer, the red button and by following this link

This week we are revisiting measurement and 3D shapes.

Remember to record your work in your books and share it on the blog! 


This week, we are also going to have a Year 1 'Battle of the Bands' on TTRockstars! 


Who can score the most points on TTRockstars?


The battle will starts at 9am on Monday morning and will end at 3.25 on Friday afternoon. There will be certificates for the children who are the highest scorers from each class. Look out for updates on the battle and certificates on the Y1 class blogs! 


Remember to also use your TTRockstars

and Numbots accounts to continue to practise your times tables and your knowledge of number. 


This week, we would like you to consolidate your learning of animals and their bodies by creating a 'Bizarre Beast'.

The activity sheet uploaded below gives you a list of features to include on your animal. Can you work with a family member to give each other others 'must haves' for your Bizarre Beast? Who can make the most unusual animal. Make sure to share them on the class blogs!  


Remember, you don't have to use the sheet on the website, you can always draw your animal straight into your books.

Topic - History

This half term we are going to be looking at some significant people from history. 


In the light of the amazing work being done by our medical staff we thought we would think about how nurses have worked in the past and what they have done to develop nursing today. In this unit called 'Nurturing Nurses' we are going to look at the influential nurses Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We will be thinking about what makes a person significant, exploring and comparing the lives and work of these nurses and considers how these individuals have influenced nursing today.


This week, we  are going to be comparing the nurses that we have learnt about so far. Can you remember there names? Make a list of the nurses we have learnt about this half term.

After you've done that. We would like you to look at the PowerPoint below which will explain what it means to compare things to eachother. 

Once you have looked through the PowerPoint we would like you to complete the sorting activity uploaded below. 

Topic - Geography


Last week, we introduced human and physical features of the environment and you made a list of the human and physical features around your locality. 

This week we would like you to sort the features into two groups, human features and physical features.


You can use the images uploaded bellow, print them out and stick them in or write them as a list in your books. 


Below are a range of Free online resources that you can take part in to stay fit and healthy whilst we are away from school. 


Oti Mabuse from 'Strictly Come Dancing' is hosting a Dance class for all the family at 11.30am every day on her Facebook LIVE.


Joe Wicks is hosting a PE lesson for the whole nation on his YouTube channel each morning at 9am.



This week see if you can do some work with your throwing and catching skills! Have a look at the link below for some ideas for improving your skills!


Here are some of or favourite dances from Just Dance! Maybe you could start your day by teaching your family one of these!

PE ideas to do at home


Come and join in the John Clifford sing-along on ZOOM

Come and join in the John Clifford sing-along on ZOOM 1

This Wednesday morning at 11am, we are going to try and have a go at singing a few songs together via Zoom.


To join in you will need to click on this web link (if you haven't the Zoom app on your phone or computer)


The image above has the Meeting ID, which you will need to join in.


The password is:  9isE9j


The songs we are going to have a go at singing are:

  • Sing
  • The Power in Me
  • The JC song


Mrs Bailey is going to start with a few warm ups too.


If you click join this link:


It will take you to the JC singing page. All you have to do now is scroll down the page to find the songs we are going to sing.




We'll look forward to hearing you on Wednesday


Mr P and Mrs Bailey





Peter/Katie taps with one hammer

A fun counting song with actions on the steady beat.

Click, stamp, slap, clap

This week we are going to be learning about the percussion section of the orchestra. We have put some links to videos below where you can find out about the different instruments in the percussion family.


Here are some questions for you to think about. 

- Can you remember the names of the instruments in the percussion family?

- What material are they made of?

- How do you play them?



Once you have found out all about the Percussion Family in the orchestra. We wonder if you could make your own Percussion instrument at home! 

You can click on the link below to see some homemade instruments for inspiration

Ms Bamford is also uploading 'Music of the Week' to the website. You can find it by following the link below. Maybe you could listen to it when you are doing some of your work at home. 

Art and DT

This week we would like you to develop your sculpture skills. We would like you to create your favourite animal using play dough, here is a recipe that you can follow to make your own play dough at home if you need to you can use your measuring skills to make it! 


Here is some inspiration for your animal creations!


Mr Mitchell is uploading PSHE work for each week. You can find this weeks by following the link


During this strange time, you might feel frustrated and upset. We have uploaded some stories below that you can read together at home centred around the current situation. These aim to help youto understand what is happening in the world, how we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and, most importantly, that it is ok and not unusual to be experiencing some negative emotions at the moment.  


These can be found on the 'Supporting Resources' page. This can be accessed by clicking on the link below or by clicking on the green post-it note at the top of the page. 

Take Care of My Community and My World


This week we would like you to use the JC Promise 'Take Care of My Community and My World' and help out around the house. You can do this by making your bed in the morning, helping to do the washing up, setting the table for dinner, putting your dirty clothes in the wash basket... The possibilities are endless! 




This half term, we are going to be looking at programmable toys. You may have some at home. If you don't then you can use the website below to programme a Beebot. Theres also lots of apps that you can download onto your tablets to do this too.



This week we would like you to access the BBC Bitesize resources for programmable toys. You can find these by following this link 


This includes some more games and some more information on programmable toys. 

If you need to practise controlling a Bee-Bot this video will show you how.

If you have a tablet, this app is a very good way of using your new computing skills to programme a Bee-Bot. You can travel through mazes on the app that get harder as you go along. Can you complete them all?

Theres also some more exciting computing work to complete on the following page

Other Activities you could do...

Picture 1

Useful Websites
BBC Bitesize are offering daily lessons in all areas for this summer term and they can be accessed below. Have a close look- if they are too tricky, you can always move down a level to help you! - Free parent access from home  – free parent access during school closures


Maths: - opened up free access for parents


English: – opened up free access for parents – opened up free access for parents - opened up free access for parents


Science: – opened up free access for parents using UKTWINKLHELPS as code


Computing: - opened up free access for parents - opened up free access for parents